This volume of Current Topics in Membranes focuses on Membrane Fusion, beginning with fusion and fission of lipid bilayers, with reviews focused on hemifusion and dynamic remodeling of membranes catalyzed by dynamin. Other topics discussed include viral fusion, intracellular fusion, developmental cell fusion, and theoretical modeling.


Researchers in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology.

Table of Contents

Fusion and fission of lipid bilayers

  1. The Pathway to Membrane Fusion through Hemifusion
  2. Jörg Nikolaus, Jason M. Warner, Ben O’Shaughnessy and Andreas Herrmann

  3. Dynamic Remodeling of Membranes Catalyzed by Dynamin
  4. Thomas J. Pucadyil

    Viral fusion

  5. Structure and working of viral fusion machineries
  6. Aurélie Albertini, Stéphane Bressanelli, Jean Lepault and Yves Gaudin

  7. Membrane fusion mediated by Human Immunodeficiency Virus Envelope glycoprotein
  8. Melikyan G.B

  9. The Reovirus Fusion-Associated Small Transmembrane (FAST) Proteins: Virus-Encoded Cellular Fusogens
  10. Julie Boutilier and Roy Duncan

    Intracellular fusion

  11. C2 domains and membrane fusion
  12. Sascha Martens and Harvey T. McMahon

  13. Chasing the trails of SNAREs and lipids along the membrane fusion pathway
  14. Tae-Young Yoon, Dae-Hyuk Kweon and Yeon-Kyun Shin

  15. Inferring Structures of Kinetic Intermediates in Ca2+-Triggered Exocytosis
  16. Meyer B. Jackson

    Developmental cell fusion

  17. Eukaryotic Cell-Cell Fusion Families
  18. Ori Avinoam and Benjamin Podbilewicz

  19. Invasive Podosomes and Myoblast Fusion
  20. Elizabeth Chen

    Theoretical modeling

  21. Lipid Acrobatics in the Membrane Fusion Arena
  22. Albert J. Markvoort and Siewert J. Marrink

  23. An Alternate Path for Fusion and its Exploration by Field-Theoretic Means

Marcus Muller and M. Schick


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