``Medium-Energy Ion Reflection from Solids'' analyses the results of experimental, theoretical and computer investigations on the process of scattering of ions by solid surfaces. Surface scattering is a relatively young and rapidly developing branch of the physics of atomic collisions and the literature on this subject has rapidly grown. As the first monograph devoted specifically to surface scattering of ions, this book is directed at scientists involved in ion-solid interaction studies.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Interactions of atomic particles with solids. 2. Theoretical treatment of particle reflection. Random solids. 3. Theoretical treatment of particle reflection. Ordered solids. 4. Experimental techniques and data processing. 5. General characteristics of the energy and angular distributions of the reflected particles and recoil atoms. Total reflection coefficients. 6. Reflection of particles from random solids. 7. Reflection of particles from ordered solids. Planar scattering. The double-scattering effect. 8. Reflection of particles from ordered solids. Spatial regularities. The focussing effect. 9. Emission of fast recoils under ion bombardment. 10. Interpretation of experimental data. 11. Applications. Appendices. Author index. Subject index. Cumulative index.


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