Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation

3rd Edition


  • Fred Mettler
  • Arthur Upton
    • Print ISBN 9780721602004

    Key Features

    • Covers all aspects of the effects of radiation on humans from basic physics and chemistry to perception and acceptance of risk to hormesis to the latest data on radiation exposure, offering you well-rounded coverage of this complex field.
    • Offers extensive references at the end of each chapter for further reading.
    • Presents an easy-to-read writing style coupled with numerous tables, charts, and illustrations to make complex concepts easier to understand and absorb.

    Table of Contents

    1. Basic Radiation Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

    2. Sources of Radiation Exposure

    3. Effects on Genetic Material

    4. Cancer Induction and Dose-Response Models

    5. Carcinogenesis of Specific Organ Sites

    6. Deterministic Effects of Radiation

    7. Effects of Radiation in Combination with Other Agents

    8. Radiation Exposure In Utero

    9. Uranium, Plutonium, and Radium

    10. Attribution of Radiation Effects and Probability of Causation in an Individual

    11. Perception and Acceptance of Risk

    12. Hormesis

    Appendix I Glossary

    Appendix II Radiation Source Term Tables

    Appendix III Conversion Tables

    Appendix IV Dose from Radionuclides

    Appendix V Gamma Ray Constants

    Appendix VI SOMA Toxicity Tables



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    Fred Mettler

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    Department of Radiology, New Mexico Federal Regional Medical Center; Clinical and Emeritus Professor, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Health Sciences Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico