Mechanics of Coatings was chosen as the topic for the 16th Leeds-Lyon Symposium, as it was decided to be a timely opportunity to bring together experts of many disciplines connected with coatings to find ways of extending the industrial use of these coatings particularly in the field of tribology. The volume contains 51 papers divided into 20 sessions.

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A selection of contents: Conference Themes. On the elastic constants of thin solid lubricant films (M.N. Gardos). Elastic and viscoelastic analysis of two multiple layered cylinders rolling over each other with coulomb friction (J.J. Kalker). Theory. Analysis of damage mechanism using the energy release rate (P. Destuynder, T. Nevers). Coating design methodology (M. Godet et al.). Experiments. Reduction in friction coefficient in sliding ceramic surfaces by in-situ formation of solid lubricant coatings (A. Gangopadhyay et al.). A morphological study of contact fatigue of TiN coated rollers (H.S. Cheng et al.). Soft Coatings 1. A full solution to the problem of oil film thickness prediction in natural synovial joints (D. Dowson, J. Yao). Analyses of shear deformations between cylinders with and without surface films (J.W. Kannel, T.A. Dow). Solid Lubricants. Effects of microstructure and adhesion on performance of sputter-deposited MoS2 solid lubricant coatings (P.D. Fleischauer et al.). Assessing the durability of organic coatings (M.J. Adams et al.). Rough Coated Surfaces. Effect of surface coatings in a rough normally loaded contact (P. Sainsot et al.). Hardness. Scratch tests on hard layers (A.G. Tangena et al.). Damage mechanisms of hard coatings on hard substrates: a critical analysis of failure in scratch and wear testing (R. Rezakhanlou, J. von Stebut). Multilayer Theory. Stress determination in elastic coatings and substrate under both normal and tangential loads (J.M. Leroy, B. Villechaise). Young's Modulus. Young's modulus of TiN and TiC coatings (L. Chollet, C. Biselli). Biomechanics. Use of a polyethylene coating to improve the biotribology of a hemiarthroplasty implant (M. Leberge et al.). A preliminary investigation of the `cushion bearing' concept for joint replacement im


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