Measurements from Maps

1st Edition

Principles and Methods of Cartometry

Authors: D H Maling
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080302904
eBook ISBN: 9781483257679
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1988
Page Count: 600
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Measurements from Maps: Principles and Methods of Cartometry describes the accuracy of a variety of measurement techniques that may be used in many fields of science, administration and travel. This book is composed of 23 chapters, and begins with a description of the nature and applications of cartometry. The succeeding chapters deal with methods of measuring distance and area, sources of measurement errors and their analysis, cartometric sampling, the concept of accurate map, and the magnitude of cartometric deformations. These topics are followed by discussions of aerial photograph measurements and the precision of different methods, as well as their suitability for different kind of work. This book also looks into the probabilistic methods of distance measurement, and the geometrical, planimetric, and point-counting methods of area measurement. The last chapters consider the application of digital computer in cartometry and the measurement on Mercator's projection.

Table of Contents

Index to Symbols and Characters Used in the Text 1 The Nature of Cartometry 2 The Nature of the Medium 3 The Methods of Measuring Distance 4 Measurement of Area 5 The Variability of Cartometric Measurements 6 Errors of Measurement and Their Analysis 7 Statistical Sampling and Cartometry 8 Spatial Sampling and Cartometry 9 The Concept of the Accurate Map 10 Deformations of the Medium 11 Correction of Deformation by Measurement Control 12 Definition of the Feature to be Measured 13 Measurements on Aerial Photographs 14 Conventional Linear Measurements and Their Reduction 15 Probabilistic Methods of Distance Measurement 16 Geometrical Methods of Area Measurement 17 Area Measurement by Planimeter 18 Direct Measurement of Area by Point-Counting Methods 19 Indirect Measurement of Area by Point-Counting Methods 20 Area Determined by Linear Measurements 21 Cartometry and the Digital Computer 22 Measurement on Mercatofs Projection 23 The Cartometric Definition, Demarcation and Recovery of Maritime Boundaries References Index


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D H Maling

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