McMinn's Color Atlas of Head and Neck Anatomy - 4th Edition - ISBN: 9780702056055

McMinn's Color Atlas of Head and Neck Anatomy

4th Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780702056055
Imprint: Mosby

Key Features

  • Presents life-sized images of dissections and osteology to correspond with what you see in the lab or in practice.
  • Includes radiography and surface anatomy pictures so that the content is clinically relevant.
  • Features notes and commentaries for every dissection and orientational and explanatory artwork for those that are more complex so that you have a complete understanding of position and application.
  • Incorporates reference lists and dental anesthesia information into appendices at the back of the book for additional resources and clinical material.

Table of Contents

Skull and skull bone articulations 1


From the front

Muscle attachments

Le Fort facial fractures

From the left

Muscle attachments

From behind

Vault of skull

Base of skull

External surface

Muscle attachments

Infratemporal region and teeth

Internal surface

Interior of skull, median section

Cavities of the skull

Bones of the skull


Muscle attachments and age changes

Frontal bone

Ethmoid bone

Sphenoid bone and vomer

Occipital bone

Maxilla, nasal bone and lacrimal bone

Palatine bone and inferior nasal concha

Temporal bone

Parietal bone and zygomatic bone

Skull bone articulations

Facial skeleton

Orbital and anterior nasal apertures


Roof and lateral wall

Floor and medial wall

Nasal cavity

Roof, floor and lateral wall

Maxillary hiatus and nasolacrimal canal

Base of the skull

Anterior cranial fossa

Middle and posterior cranial fossae

External surface, posterior part

Pterygopalatine fossa

Posterior nasal aperture

Fetal skull

Fontanelles, sutures and sutural bones

Cervical vertebrae and neck 2

Cervical vertebrae



Third to seventh cervical vertebrae

Cervical and first thoracic vertebrae

Other bones

First rib, manubrium of sternum

and costovertebral joints

Bones of shoulder girdle

Shoulder girdle and upper

thoracic skeleton






Surface markings

Head, neck and shoulders, superficial muscles



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