Key Features

  • Easily correlate anatomy with clinical practice through 200 high-quality illustrations, many life-sized, including dissection photographs, skeletal illustrations, surface anatomy photos, and radiologic images.
  • Reinforce your understanding of each dissection with notes and commentaries, and interpret more complex images with the aid of explanatory artwork.
  • Efficiently review a wealth of practical, high-yield information with appendices on skin, arteries, muscles, and nerves.

Table of Contents

1 Lower Limb, Pelvis and Hip

Lower limb survey

From the front

From behind

From the medial side

From the lateral side

Pelvic viscera

Male sagittal section

Female sagittal section

Gluteal region

Sciatic nerve and other gluteal structures

Surface features

Left sciatic nerve and ischio-anal region

Right sciatic nerve and ischio-anal region

Hip joint

Bones from the front and radiograph

Bones from behind and joint capsule from front

Axial section

Coronal section and radiograph

2 Thigh, Knee and Leg


Inguinal and femoral regions and palpation of femoral pulse

Femoral vessels and nerves

Lower thigh, from the front and medial side

Axial section

Knee joint

Bones and ligaments from the front

Magnetic resonance image (MRI) and joint from the front

Bones from behind

Ligaments from behind and above

Popliteal fossa and surface landmarks

Popliteus muscle and knee joint capsule, from behind, and palpation of popliteal pulse

Leg and foot survey

Muscles and superficial vessels and nerves of the left leg and foot

3 Foot

Surface landmarks of the foot

From the front and behind

Sole of the foot

From the medial side

From the lateral side

Skeleton of the foot

Disarticulated foot from above

Articulated foot from above and below

Articulated foot with attachments marked



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