Mayes' Midwifery: A Textbook for Midwives

14th Edition


  • Sue Macdonald
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702045967

    Key Features

    • New chapters on essential contemporary issues:
      • Vulnerable women
      • Perspectives on the future of midwifery, in a global context

    • Evidence-based information to guide best practice
    • Learning outcomes and Key Points in all chapters
    • Reflective activities

    Table of Contents

    Part 1 The Midwife in Context

    1 The global midwife

    2 A history of the midwifery profession in the United Kingdom

    3 Statutory framework for practice

    4 The midwife as a lifelong learner

    5 Evidence-based practice and research for practice

    6 Leadership and management in midwifery

    7 Governance in Midwifery

    8 Ethics and midwifery practice

    9 Law and the midwife

    10 Pharmacology and the midwife

    Part 2 Childbirth in Context

    11 Social, cultural and spiritual context of childbearing

    12 Psychological context

    13 Sexuality

    14 The Health Service Context and Midwifery

    15 Frameworks for the care of the child (Children Act) and Social Services

    Part 3 Public Health, Health promotion and Childbirth

    16 Epidemiology

    17 Nutrition

    18 Complementary therapies in maternity care: responsibilities of midwives

    19 Health promotion and education

    20 Preconception care

    21 Education for parenthood

    22 Physical preparation for childbirth and beyond, and the role of physiotherapy

    23 Vulnerable women

    Part 4 The anatomy and physiology of fertility, conception and pregnancy

    24 Anatomy of male and female reproduction

    25 Female reproductive physiology

    26 Genetics

    27 Fertility and its control

    28 Infertility and assisted conception

    29 Fertilization, embryonic, fetal and placental development

    30 The fetal skull

    Part 5 Pregnancy

    31 Maternal and fetal responses to pregnancy

    32 Confirming pregnancy and care of the pregnant woman

    33 Antenatal investigations

    34 The choice agenda and place of birth and care



    Part 6 Labour and Birth

    35 Physiological changes in labour

    36 Care in the first stage of labour



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