Plant Virology

4th Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123611604
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Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 25th September 2001
Page Count: 1056
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Table of Contents

About the Author Preface Chapter 1 Introduction I. Historical Background II. Definition of a Virus III. About this Edition Chapter 2 Nomenclature and Classification of Plant Viruses I. Nomenclature A. Historical Aspects B. Systems for Classification C. Families, Genera, Species and Groups D. Plant Virus Families, Genera and Orders E. Use of Virus Names II. Criteria Used for Classifying Viruses A. Structure of the virus particle B. Physicochemical Properties of Virus Particles C. Properties of Viral Nucleic Acids D. Viral Proteins E. Serological Relationships F. Activities in the Plant G. Methods of Transmission III. Families and Genera of Plant Viruses A. Family Caulimoviridae B. Family Geminiviridae C. Family Circoviridae D. Family Reoviridae E. Family Partitiviridae F. No Family G. Family Rhabdoviridae H. Family Bunyaviridae I. No Family J. Family Bromoviridae K. Family Comoviridae L. Family Potyviridae M. Family Tombusviridae N. Family Sequiviridae O. Family Closteroviridae P. Family Luteoviridae Q. Floating Genera IV. Retroelements A. Family Pseudoviridae B. Family Metaviridae VI. Viruses of Lower Plants A. Viruses of Algae B. Viruses of Fungi C. Viruses of Ferns D. Viruses of Gymnosperms E. Summary VI. Discussion Chapter 3 Disease Symptoms and Host Range I. Economic Losses due to Plant Viruses II. Macroscopic Symptoms A. Local Symptoms B. Systemic Symptoms C. Agents Inducing Virus-Like Symptoms D. The Cryptovi


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