Key Features

    • A companion Evolve website includes student resources such as NCLEX® exam-style review questions, audio chapter summaries, a care plan builder, nursing skills, interactive case studies, video clips and animations, anatomy reviews, and an audio glossary with Spanish pronunciations.
    • Unique! Nursing Alerts highlight critical information in providing care.
    • Unique! Emergency boxes provide step-by-step procedures for pediatric and maternity emergencies.
    • Unique! Cultural Considerations boxes discuss customs and beliefs of different cultures that may affect care for patients and families.
    • Unique! Community Activity boxes provide maternal and newborn exercises to enhance care in local community settings.
    • Unique! Nursing Process boxes identify information on major diseases and conditions.
    • Patient Instructions for Self-Management boxes highlight the information nurses need to communicate to patients and families.
    • Critical Thinking exercises are based on case studies of real-life situations.
    • Coverage of nursing care management uses a framework of the five steps of the nursing process as well as a focus on collaborative care.
    • Nursing care plans include specific guidelines and rationales for interventions.


    Table of Contents

    1. 21st Century Maternity Nursing: Culturally Competent, Family and Community Focused

    Unit One: Reproductive Years

    2. Assessment and Health Promotion

    3. Common Concerns

    4. Contraception, Abortion, and Infertility

    Unit Two: Pregnancy

    5. Genetics, Conception, and Fetal Development

    6. Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy

    7. Nursing Care of the Family during Pregnancy

    8. Maternal and Fetal Nutrition

    Unit Three: Childbirth

    9. Labor and Birth Processes

    10. Management of Discomfort

    11. Fetal Assessment during Labor

    12. Nursing Care of the Family during Labor and Birth

    Unit Four: Postpartum Period

    13. Maternal Physiologic Changes

    14. Nursing Care of the Family during the Fourth Trimester

    15. Transition to Parenthood

    Unit Five: The Newborn

    16. Physiologic and Behavioral Adaptations

    17. Assessment and Care of the Newborn and Family

    18. Newborn Nutrition and Feeding

    Unit Six: Complications of Childbearing

    19. Assessment of High Risk Pregnancy

    20. Pregnancy at Risk: Preexisting Conditions

    21. Pregnancy at Risk: Gestational Conditions

    22. Labor and Birth at Risk

    23. Postpartum Complications

    24. The Newborn at Risk



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