Massively Parallel Processing Applications and Development

1st Edition

Proceedings of the 1994 EUROSIM Conference on Massively Parallel Processing Applications and Development, Delft, The Netherlands, 21-23 June 1994



The contributions of a diverse selection of international hardware and software specialists are assimilated in this book's exploration of the development of massively parallel processing (MPP). The emphasis is placed on industrial applications and collaboration with users and suppliers from within the industrial community consolidates the scope of the publication.

From a practical point of view, massively parallel data processing is a vital step to further innovation in all areas where large amounts of data must be processed in parallel or in a distributed manner, e.g. fluid dynamics, meteorology, seismics, molecular engineering, image processing, parallel data base processing. MPP technology can make the speed of computation higher and substantially reduce the computational costs. However, to achieve these features, the MPP software has to be developed further to create user-friendly programming systems and to become transparent for present-day computer software.

Application of novel electro-optic components and devices is continuing and will be a key for much more general and powerful architectures. Vanishing of communication hardware limitations will result in the elimination of programming bottlenecks in parallel data processing. Standardization of the functional characteristics of a programming model of massively parallel computers will become established. Then efficient programming environments can be developed. The result will be a widespread use of massively parallel processing systems in many areas of application.

Table of Contents

Preface: L. Dekker, Conference Chairman. Welcome Address: K.P. Wakker. Welcome Address: H. Forster. Table of Contents. Invited Speakers. Programming models and tools for massively parallel computers (W.K. Giloi). Simulation and modelling application on MPP systems (T. Hey, Ch. Scott, M. Surridge). Challenges in modeling and solidification processes (L. Katgerman). MPP systems, opportunities, visions and reality (E. Shapiro). A rationale for photonic computing systems. NOWESP Session. 5 papers. A. Programming Tools. 7 papers. A. Architecture/Data Base Processing. 6 papers. A. Load Balancing. 6 papers. A. Miscellaneous. 3 papers. B. Programming Models. 5 papers. B. Performance Evaluation. 9 papers. B. Parallelization Programs/Algorithms. 8 papers. C. Parallelization Programs/Algorithms. 7 papers. C. Modelling/Simulation MPP Applications. 11 papers. C. Electro Optic Devices and Communication. 8 papers. D. Fluid Dynamics. 12 papers. D. Image Processing/Rendering. 10 papers. Project Descriptions HAMLET/NOWESP. Commercial and Scientific Exhibition. Keyword Index. Author Index. Author Addresses. The Netherlands HPCN Initiative: A.C. Niewind, W.K. Vietsch.


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