The commercial culture of marine shrimp in tropical areas has grown at a phenomenal rate during the last 10 to 15 years. This book provides a description of principles and practices of shrimp culture at one point in time and documents both historical events and conditions now. It also tries to look into the future. The volume provides both practical information about shrimp culture, as well as basic information on shrimp biology. It should be of value to researchers, consultant practitioners and potential investors in the marine shrimp culture industry.

Table of Contents

Preface. Contents. Acknowledgements. Contributors. 1. Introduction (A.W. Fast). 2. Penaeid Taxonomy, Biology and Zoogeography (J. H. Bailey-Brock and Shaun M. Moss). 3. Genetics of Penaeus species (L.J. Lester and M. J. R. Pante). 4. Endocrinology (E.S. Chang). 5. Reproduction of Penaeus Species in Captivity (W.A. Bray and A.L. Lawrence). 6. Penaeid Larviculture: Galveston Method (L.J. Smith, J.M. Biedenbach and A.L. Lawrence). 7. Penaeid Larviculture: Taiwanese Method (I-Chiu Liao). 8. Penaeid Larviculture: Small-Scale Asian Hatcheries (A. Forbes). 9. Optimized Feeding Regimes in Shrimp Hatcheries (P. Leger and P. Sorgeloos). 10. Shrimp Hatchery Design: Engineering Considerations (J. Colt and J. Huguenin). 11. Use of One-Liter Imhoff Cones in Larviculture Production (L.L. Smith et al.). 12. Penaeid PL Harvest, Transport, Acclimation and Stocking (P.G. Olin and A.W. Fast). 13. Intensification of Penaeid Nursery Systems (L.N. Sturmer, T.M. Samocha and A.L. Lawrence). 14. Penaeid Growout Systems: An Overview (A.W. Fast). 15. Penaeid Extensive Growout Systems (A.W. Fast). 16. Penaeid Semi-intensive Growout Systems (A.W. Fast). 17. Penaeid Intensive Growout Systems (A.W. Fast). 18. Penaeid Ultra-intensive Growout Systems (A.W. Fast). 19. Pond Harvesting Techniques (A.W. Fast). 20. Shrimp Pond Engineering Considerations (J-K. Wang and A.W. Fast). 21. Pond Dynamics Processes (A.W. Fast and J.E. Lannan). 22. Water Circulation, Aeration and Other Management Practices (A.W. Fast and C.E. Boyd). 23. Pond Monitoring and Management (C.E. Boyd and A.W. Fast). 24. Penaeid Temperature and Salinity Responses (L.J. Lester and M.J.R. Pante). 25. Penaeid Shrimp Nutrition (D.M. Akiyama, W.G. Dominy and A.L. Lawrence). 26. Penaeid Virus Diseases of the Shrimp Culture: Industry of the Americas (D.V. Lightner and R.M. Redman). 27. Penaeid Markets and Economics (Y.C. Shang). 28. Supply Relations and Costs


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