This book outlines a framework for analysis of marine resource management incorporating ecological and economic considerations and technological feasibility. Ecologonomics - a new emerging science combining economic and ecological concepts and principles - is introduced. Its use in studying changes in natural processes occurring in the marine environment in combination with analysing economic consequences of human impact on marine ecosystems is demonstrated. A unique book, which offers a rare insight into the research achievements of Russian scientists.


For academic researchers, students and research institutions.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments. Introduction. Marine Natural Resources Management: Ecology and Economics. Economic development of marine water areas. Principles of economic development of marine water areas. Ecological-economic regionalization. What is marine ecologonomics? Ecological-Economic Fundamentals of Marine Natural Resources Management. Ecologonomic principles of marine natural resources management. Formation of ecologonomic systems. Management of ecologonomic systems. Ecological and Economic Consequences of Marine Environment Contamination. Classification of marine environment pollutants. Ecological consequences of marine environment contamination and their economic evaluation. Methods of economic estimation of damage caused by marine environment contamination. Evaluation of the efficiency of marine environment conservation measures. Ecologonomic Evaluation of Marine Ecosystems. Balanced state of marine ecosystems. Evaluation of human-induced changes in the state of marine ecosystems. Prediction of human-induced changes in the state of marine ecosystems. Evaluation of ecological capacities of marine ecosystems and parameters of the marine environment. Prospects of Economic Development of Marine Ecosystems' Natural Resources. Improvement of the economic mechanism of marine natural resources management. Protection and renewal of marine ecosystems' resources. Program of conservation and renewal of marine ecosystem resources in Russia. Elaboration of marine natural resources management strategy at the regional level. Monitoring of marine environment conditions and marine ecosystem resources. Conclusion. References. Index.


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