Marine Coastal Eutrophication

1st Edition

Proceedings of an International Conference, Bologna, Italy, 21-24 March 1990

Editors: R.A. Vollenweider R. Marchetti R. Viviani
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444899903
eBook ISBN: 9781483291581
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 23rd December 1992
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Eutrophication in the transitional marine coastal waters has increased dramatically in many parts of the world, and this evolution has shifted attention to the anthropogenic factor. The problem has become the theme of many conferences and workshops, as well as being given priority in international organizations.

This volume has been brought about by the desire to assess both our scientific understanding as well as the means and technologies available to combat the problem of marine coastal eutrophication. It discusses the results of research and surveillance programmes carried out in the last decades, confronting these results with experience gained elsewhere, and reviewing current proposals of what can be done about the problem. This volume will be invaluable to environmental scientists and marine ecologists, as well as to those who wish to resolve the many large-scale environmental problems, specifically marine eutrophication and marine pollution in general.

Table of Contents

Presentation. Preface. Editorial. Conference Resolution. Summary of Discussion of Workshop 1. Summary of Discussion of Workshop 2. Summary of Discussion of Workshop 3. Keynote Address. Coastal Marine Eutrophication: Principles and Control (R.A. Vollenweider). Adriatic Papers (35 papers). The problems of the Emilia-Romagna coastal waters: facts and interpretations (R. Marchetti). Eutrophication, structure and dynamics of a marine coastal system: results of a ten-year monitoring along the Emilia-Romagna coast (Northwest Adriatic Coast) (R.A. Vollenweider, A. Rinaldi, G. Montanari). Past diatom blooms and benthic foraminifera extinction detected in old Adriatic sediments (A. Asioli et al.). The role of zooplankton in eutrophication, with special reference to the Northern Adriatic Sea (O. Cattani, M.G. Corni). Eutrophication along the Emilia-Romagna coast: application of statistical analyses to 1984-89 monitoring data (S.C. Warren et al.). Nutrient export from the Po and Adige river basins over the last 20 years (A. Provini, G. Crosa, R. Marchetti). Direct and indirect domestic nutrient load evaluation by mathematical model: the Venice Lagoon case study (R. Cossu et al.). Daily monitoring of an Adriatic coastal stretch (L. Volterra et al.). Marine coastal eutrophication south of the River Po: monitoring within 300m of the coast (L. Bonalberti et al.). A year of monitoring of marine eutrophication on the coast of Ancona (D. Bucci et al.). Eutrophy and dystrophy in the Goro lagoon (Italy) (A. Rinaldi et al.). Physical intervention in the lagoon of Sacca di Goro. An examination using a 3-D numerical model (J.P. O'Kane et al.). Mucilage Phenomena (7 papers). Marine snow in the Adriatic Sea: a multifactorial study (M. Giani et al.). Microbial analyses of Adriatic Sea mucilages (L. Volterra et al.). General Overviews (3 papers). Effects of cultural eutrophication on coastal marine fisheries: a comparative app


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About the Editor

R.A. Vollenweider

Affiliations and Expertise

National Water Research Institute, Canada Centre for Inland Waters, ON, Canada

R. Marchetti

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Milan, Milan, Italy

R. Viviani

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy