Manual Therapy Masterclasses-The Peripheral Joints

1st Edition


  • Karen Beeton
    • Print ISBN 9780443074028

    Key Features

    • Brings together classic papers that, until now, were only available in separate issues of the journal Manual Therapy.
    • Features papers by experts in the field including Sally A. Hess, Dr. Sarah L. Mottram, Kevin J. Sims, Jenny McConnell, Russell Volpe, Justin Wernick, Dr. Linda M.G. Lang, Dr. Jill L. Cook, Dr. Karim Khan, Craig Pordam, Dr. Dana J. Lawrence, Fiona J. Coutts, Glenn Hunter, and Linda Exelby
    • Includes updates by the original authors.
    • Designed for frequent use and clinical reference.

    Table of Contents

    1. Shoulder: Dynamic stability of the glenohumeral joint
    2. Shoulder: Dynamic stability of the scapula
    3. Hip: Assessment and treatment of hip osteoarthritis
    4. Knee: Management of patellofemoral problems
    5. Foot: Static biomechanical evaluation of the foot and lower limb: The podiatrist's perspective
    6. Foot: Achilles tendinopathy
    7. Foot: Chiropractic manipulation of the foot
    8. General: Gait analysis in the therapeutic environment
    9. General: Specific soft tissue mobilisation in the management of soft tissue dysfunction
    10. General: Peripheral mobilisations with movement


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