Most IT Professionals rely on a small core of books that are specifically targeted to their job responsibilities. These dog-eared volumes are used daily and are considered essential. But budgets and space commonly limit just how many books can be added to your core library. The Managing IT Security Ultimate CD solves this problem. It contains seven of our best-selling titles, providing the "next level" of reference you will need for about less than half the price of the hard-copy books purchased separately. The CD contains the complete PDF versions of the following Syngress titles: Techno Security's Guide to Managing Risks for IT Managers, Auditors, and Investigations; 1597491381 Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch; 1597491012 Syngress IT Security Project Management Handbook; 1597490768 How to Cheat at Managing Information Security; 1597491101 Syngress Force Emerging Threat Analysis: From Mischief to Malicious; 1597490563 Sarbanes-Oxley IT Compliance Using COBIT and Open Source Tools; 1597490369 Network Security Evaluation Using the NSA IEM; 1597490350

Key Features

Adds over 3,356 pages to your Managing IT Security bookshelf. Includes 7 best-selling Syngress books in PDF format


Information security officers, network administrators, system administrators, incident response teams, security researchers, law enforcement, and security/network software developers are the primary audience for this book. The secondary audience includes CIOs and IT managers and directors who are being questioned by board members and executives about this new threat.


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