Managing Cultural Diversity in Technical Professions

1st Edition

Authors: Lionel Laroche
Paperback ISBN: 9780750675819
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 18th November 2002
Page Count: 236


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Table of Contents

Preface; Culture and Cultural Differences; Managing technical professionals; Multicultural teamwork; Communication; Career management; Looking ahead; Appendix A: Advice for HR managers and diversity trainers; Appendix B: Demographics; Appendix C: A cross-cultural look at technical education; Appendix D: Professional associations and regulations; Appendix E: Glossary of idiomatic phrases and sports English.


'Managing Cultural Diversity in Technical Professions' provides managers of technical professionals with clear and tested strategies to improve communication and increase productivity among culturally diverse technical professionals, teams, and departments.

Dr. Laroche outlines the differences in education and training, career expectations, communication styles, and management expectations in countries around the world. He explains cross-cultural concepts and presents his case for the importance of cross-cultural competence supported by hard data, including charts, tables, and readily accessible schematics.

You'll benefit from the author's experience and expertise as a manager and consultant in this area, illustrated by numerous anecdotes, critical incidents, and mini case studies, centered around two central themes:

  • Most technical professionals do not recognize the impact of cultural differences in their work
  • Cross-cultural issues lead to a significant under-utilization of talent and affect productivity negatively

'Managing Cultural Diversity in Technical Professions' offers proven tactics for improving your personal effectiveness and the efficiency of your multicultural teams, breaking the communication barrier in the multicultural workplace.

Key Features

  • Provides specific, tried and tested suggestions for managers to improve employee effectiveness within the North American technical workplace
  • Examines many aspects of the professional lives of technical people in the U.S. and Canada and how they compare to those in other parts of the world
  • Contains an appendix specifically written for HR managers and diversity trainers, describing how you can modify your approaches to suit this specific audience


US and Canadian managers of technical professionals in teams, departments, and companies.


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"...a very readable and well documented text, addressing the common misunderstandings and frictions between what Laroche carefully defines as Americans and New Americans when it comes to management, teamwork, decision-making, feedback, making presentations, humor, and a host of other human interactions that technical people are involved in. Certainly, it belongs in the hands of any intercultural trainer who has been interrupted with the question, 'Can you give me a concrete example of that?' when presenting a point of cultural theory to a hard-nosed technical audience." - Dr. George F. Simons of

About the Authors

Lionel Laroche Author

Dr. Laroche has 15 years experience as an international engineer, working with people from more than 50 countries. For the past four years, he has delivered cross-cultural training courses to the employees of a number of technical organizations, from high tech and IT engineering departments. His clients include the IT Department of P&G Canada, the Syncrude Edmonton Research Centre, the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, MPI Software Technologies, AEA Technology Hyprotech, Allied Signal Aerospace, APEGGA, PEO, GTAGA, NR Can, Magna, Wescast Industries, TRW Canada, VAn Rob Stamping, York University, University of Toronto, Appott Laboratories, Janssen Pharaceutica, Johnson & Johnson, Rohm & Haas, etc. Dr. Laroche has delivered over 20 invited talks at technical and HR conferences and published over 80 articles in close to 30 engineering, scientific, HR and business magazines published in six countries.

Affiliations and Expertise

Principal and Founder, Multicultural Business Solutions, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada