Managed Pressure Drilling

1st Edition

Modeling, Strategy and Planning

Authors: Wilson C. Chin, PhD
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123851246
eBook ISBN: 9780123851253
Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing
Published Date: 17th January 2012
Page Count: 408
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Managed Pressure Drilling Operations is a significant technology worldwide and beginning to make an impact all over the world. Often reservoir and drilling engineers are faced with the decision on how best to construct a well to exploit zones of interest while seeking to avoid drilling problems that contribute to reservoir damage or cause loss of hole. The decision to pursue a MPD operation is based on the intent of applying the most appropriate technology for the candidate and entails either an acceptance of influx to the surface or avoidance of influx into the wellbore.

In today's exploration and production environment, drillers must now drill deeper, faster and into increasingly harsher environments where using conventional methods could be counter-productive at best and impossible at worst. Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) is rapidly gaining popularity as a way to mitigate risks and costs associated with drilling in harsh environments. If done properly, MPD can improve economics for any well being drilled by reducing a rig’s nonproductive time. Written for engineers, drilling managers, design departments, and operations personnel, Managed Pressure Drilling Modeling is based on the author’s on experience and offers instruction on planning, designing and executing MPD projects. Compact and readable, the book provides a step by step methods for understanding and solve problems involving variables such as backpressure, variable fluid density, fluid rheology, circulating friction, hole geometry and drillstring diameter. All MPD variations are covered, including Constant Bottomhole Pressure, Pressurized MudCap Drilling and Dual Gradient Drilling. Case histories from actual projects are designed and analyzed using proprietary simulation software online.

With this book in hand drilling professionals gain knowledge of the various variations involved in managed pressure drilling operations; understand the safety and operational aspect

Key Features

  • Case histories from actual projects are designed and analyzed using proprietary simulation software online
  • Clearly explains the safety and operational aspects of a managed pressure drilling project
  • Expert coverage of the various variations involved in managed pressure drilling operations
  • Numerical tools and techniques needed for applying MPD principles and practices to individual projects


Petroleum Engineer, Production Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer, Operations Engineer, Drilling Manager, Operations Manager, Project Production Engineer

Table of Contents


About the Author

Chapter 1. Fluid Mechanics Challenges and Technology Overview

Challenges in annular flow modeling

Why computational rheology?

Broad principles and numerical consistency

Closing introductory remarks

Section 1.1 Managed Pressure Drilling Fluid Flow Challenges

Section 1.2 MPD Flow Simulator: Steady, Two-Dimensional, Single-Phase Flow

Section 1.3 MPD Flow Simulator: Transient, Two-Dimensional, Single-Phase Flow

Section 1.4 MPD Flow Simulator: Transient, Three-Dimensional, Multiphase Flow

Chapter 2. General Theory and Physical Model Formulation

Example 2.1 Newtonian Flow Circular Cylindrical Coordinates

Example 2.2 Shear-Thinning and Non-Newtonian Flow Effects

Example 2.3 Curvilinear Grid Formulation for Highly Eccentric Annular Flows with General Non-Newtonian Fluids without Rotation

Example 2.4 Curvilinear Grid Formulation for Eccentric Annular Flows with General Non-Newtonian Fluids with Rotation

Chapter 3. Numerical Analysis and Algorithm Development Strategies

Example 3.1 Grid Generation for Eccentric Annular Flow

Example 3.2 Mappings for Flows in Singly Connected Ducts

Example 3.3 Solids Deposition Modeling and Applications

Example 3.4 Finite Difference Details for Annular Flow Problems

Chapter 4. Steady, Two-Dimensional, Non-Newtonian, Single-Phase, Eccentric Annular Flow

Example 4.1 Newtonian Flow Eccentric Annulus Applications

Example 4.2 Power Law Flow in Eccentric Annuli

Example 4.3 Turbulence Modeling and Power Law Flow Analogy

Example 4.4 Pressure Gradient versus Flow Rate Curve Computation for Non-Newtonian Eccentric Annuli

Example 4.5 Effects of Influx-Outflux along the Borehole Path for Non-Newtonian Eccentric Annuli without Rotation

Example 4.6 Steady-State Swab-Surge in Eccentric Annuli for Power Law Fluids with


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About the Author

Wilson C. Chin, PhD

Wilson Chin is currently President and Founder of Stratamagnetic Software, LLC. Started in 1999, his company develops scientific models for oil and gas exploration and production clients such as Baker Hughes, CNPC, Halliburton, Schlumberger, and the US Department of Energy. Previously, he worked for Halliburton, BP, Schlumberger and Boeing. He has published 13 books focused on reservoir engineering, formation evaluation, sensor design, drilling, and computational methods. He was also recently a Consultant for GE Oil and Gas MWD design. Wilson has also taught at the University of Houston as an Adjunct Professor and has earned awards and partnerships through the US Department of Energy as well as over 70 patents. Wilson has authored multiple conference papers and journal articles. He earned a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Math from New York University, a M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from California Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Physics, Math, and Aerospace from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Affiliations and Expertise

President and Founder, Stratamagnetic Software LLC, Texas, USA


"The author extends his earlier work on modeling annular flows in managed pressure drilling (Borehole Flow Modeling in Horizontal, Deviated and Vertical Wells, 1992, and Computational Rheology for Pipeline and Annular Flows, 2001), retaining the curvilinear grid technology employed in the earlier books as his mathematical foundation, but summarizing major methodological improvements in accuracy, speed, and engineering focus. The text covers the mathematical theory, numerical implementation, source code examples, and computational validations, often with comparisons to laboratory and field data and results."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2012, page 263