Making Marketing Happen

1st Edition

How Great Companies Make Strategic Planning Work

Authors: Brian Smith
Paperback ISBN: 9780750662482
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 21st June 2005
Page Count: 336


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Table of Contents

Preface: Making Marketing Happen. Part 1: The Failure of Strategic Marketing Planning; Chapter 1: We know what strategic marketing planning is … . Chapter 2: And it does work … . Chapter 3: But most of us can’t use it … . Chapter 4: Pause for thought – strategic marketing planning as a failed technology. Part 2: What Great Companies Do; Chapter 5: We know what a strong marketing strategy looks like. Chapter 6: We know that real companies are not entirely rational. Chapter 7: We know that what works is what fits. Chapter 8: How great companies make strong marketing strategies. Part 3: How Your Company Can Make a Strong Marketing Strategy; Chapter 9: Understanding the market. Chapter 10: Choosing the best way to make marketing strategy in your market. Chapter 11: Adapting your organizational culture to support your strategy making. Chapter 12: Making Marketing Happen. Author’s afterword: a continuing journey


'Making Marketing Happen' is prompted by needs of practising managers who have found the traditional marketing planning texts to be "fine in theory, but hard to apply to my special market". In short, it holds that marketing planning fails for most companies because it either does not fit their organizational culture, their market conditions or both.

Successful companies do not plan. They use a hybrid strategy making process including vision, incrementalism and planning. The ratio of these three things is critical and the right ratio is unique to every company. The author develops this argument and explains how companies can construct the right hybrid strategy making process for their situation.

The book has been designed for those practising managers who need more than the planning text book. It will tell you:

  • Why attempts at planning are foiled by the market, the company culture or both.
  • How effective strategists don't plan, but use organizationally tailored strategy making processes
  • How to design the right process for your company and your market
  • How to know if the strategy you make is strong before you implement it.

"An incredibly practical and hands-on book concerned with the realities of doing strategic marketing planning to enhance customer and shareholder value. It is packed with new ideas and practical tools and should be on every marketing manager's desk."

Professor Nigel F Piercy, Professor of Marketing, Warwick Business School

“This book starts where most others finish – making the theory work in the real world. Having done an MBA and held several Senior Marketing positions, I recommend it both to practising marketers who already have a thorough understanding of marketing theory and also to MBA students who are eager to apply their knowledge withi

Key Features

  • Shows how to implement marketing plans rather than simply construct them
  • Addresses the real issues facing companies and demonstrates how to tailor plans to individual situations
  • Highlights why marketing plans fail and how these difficulties can be overcome


Marketing managers within corporations and those holding a marketing position who are responsible for constructing and implementing a marketing plan for the company.


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Taken from the foreword by Professor Malcolm McDonald at Cranfield University School of Management. "In my view Brian Smith’s work on marketing planning sets a new standard for research in business schools because, not only does it tackle head on the most difficult task in the domain of marketing, but it brings to it a refreshingly challenging, original and creative approach. Now Brian Smith has translated his work into this book in a way which will catch the imagination of all experienced marketers. For everyone touched by the problems and issues associated with strategy-making, this book is a MUST read. Not only is it intellectually challenging, but it is urbane, pragmatic and entertaining in a way which most marketing books fail to achieve. Brian Smith is one of a new breed of marketers who are capable of original thinking. I have read and enjoyed every word. If you want to improve your knowledge and wisdom and hence your success as a marketing practitioner, I beseech you to read and note carefully what Brian Smith has to say. Your ability to implement all that is best in marketing will be greatly enhanced." "Brian Smith has developed his insights into the theory and practice of marketing through close associations both with the World of academia and with the hurly burly of industry, and the benefits of that partnership show through clearly in this book. 'Making Marketing Happen' does what few other texts on the subject do and that is combine a thorough analysis of the principles of marketing with the organisational and cultural challenges that beset every organisation and frustrate the delivery of best marketing practice. I found of particular use the assessment exercises in each chapter that help the reader take a fresh look at their own company and identify the areas for improvement as well as anticipating and planning for the potential barriers. The

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