Macromolecular Physics V2

Macromolecular Physics V2

1st Edition - January 1, 1976

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  • Author: Bernhard Wunderlich
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323148948

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Macromolecular Physics, Volume 2: Crystal Nucleation, Growth, Annealing continues the discussion of crystals of linear macromolecules. The text also gives conclusion about the description and formation of crystals. The book covers topics such as the primary, secondary, and tertiary nucleation of crystals; the general growth of crystals; solution and melt crystallization of macromolecules; and the general annealing of crystals. For those who wish to do further reading, the table of contents of Volume 1 is included in the book. The text is recommended for macromolecular physicists, especially those whose focus is on the study of crystals and its different properties.

Table of Contents

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    Contents of Volume 1

    Chapter V The Nucleation Step

    5.1 Primary Nucleation of Crystals

    5.1.1 Nucleation Theory Concept

    5.1.2 Homogeneous Nucleation

    5.1.3 Heterogeneous Nucleation

    5.1.4 Self-Nucleation

    5.1.5 General Conclusions about Primary Nucleation

    5.2 Secondary and Tertiary Nucleation on Crystal Surfaces

    5.2.1 Nucleation Control of Crystal Growth

    5.2.2 Secondary and Tertiary Nucleation Concepts

    5.2.3 General Conclusions about Secondary and Tertiary Nucleation

    5.3 Molecular Nucleation

    5.3.1 Some Qualitative Experimental Evidence for Molecular Nucleation

    5.3.2 Segregation on Crystallization from Solution

    5.3.3 Segregation on Crystallization from the Melt

    5.3.4 Concepts of Molecular Nucleation

    5.3.5 General Conclusions about Molecular Nucleation


    Chapter VI The Growth of Crystals

    6.1 General Description of Crystal Growth

    6.1.1 History

    6.1.2 Linear Growth

    6.1.3 Overall Crystallization

    6.1.4 Crystal Growth and Chain Folding

    6.1.5 Molecular Weight and Structure Dependence of Crystal Growth

    6.1.6 Secondary Crystallization and Crystal Perfection

    6.1.7 Crystal Growth without Chain Folding

    6.1.8 Crystallization during Polymerization

    6.2 Solution Crystallization of Macromolecules

    6.2.1 Normal Crystal Growth

    6.2.2 Effect of Stirring

    6.2.3 Effect of Pressure

    6.3 Melt Crystallization of Macromolecules

    6.3.1 Normal Growth

    6.3.2 Effect of Deformation

    6.3.3 Effect of Pressure

    6.3.4 Effect of Copolymerization

    6.4 Crystallization during Polymerization

    6.4.1 Gaseous Monomer Crystallization

    6.4.2 Liquid or Dissolved Monomer Crystallization

    6.4.3 Solid Monomer Crystallization


    Chapter VII The Annealing of Crystals

    7.1 General Description of Annealing

    7.1.1 Definitions and Processes of Annealing

    7.1.2 Changes in Crystal Shape

    7.1.3 Changes in Macroconformation

    7.1.4 Changes in Defect Concentration

    7.1.5 Polymorphic Changes

    7.1.6 Relief of Internal Stresses

    7.1.7 Transport of Matter

    7.1.8 Recrystallization

    7.1.9 General Summary of Annealing Processes

    7.2 Crystals from Solution

    7.2.1 Dry Crystal Annealing

    7.2.2 Annealing of Crystals in Contact with the Solvent

    7.2.3 Shish-Kebob Annealing

    7.3 Crystals from the Melt

    7.3.1 Annealing of Normal Crystals

    7.3.2 Annealing of Deformed Materials

    7.3.3 Annealing under Elevated Pressure

    7.3.4 Annealing with Changes in the Backbone


    Author Index

    Subject Index

    List of Tables


    1 Critical Equilibrium Nucleus Dimensions

    2 Critical Temperature of Solidification in Droplet Experiments

    3 Crystallization Temperatures of Seeded Polypropylene

    4 Maximum Temperatures for Self-nucleation

    5 Average Molecular Weights of Polyethylene left Dissolved after Crystallization from Xylene

    6 Critical Molecular Weights of Polyethylene left Molten after Crystallization from the Melt

    7 Equilibrium Critical Molecular Weight of Polyethylene Melts as a Function of Temperature


    1 Avrami Parameters for a Two-Stage Crystallization

    2 Exponents of Time in the Avrami Equation

    3 Maximum Crystal Growth Rates of Macromolecules

    4 Critical Temperatures (°C) in Crystallization of Poly(ethylene oxide)

    5 Conditions When the Initial Metastable Crystal Perfection is Reached

    6 Ceiling Temperatures of Crystalline Macromolecules

    7 Crystallization of Poly[3,3-bis(chloromethyl)oxacyclobutane]

    8 Crystallization of Macromolecular Melts

    9 Crystallization Parameters of Isotactic Polypropylene

    10 Linear Crystallization Rate of Polypropylene of Varying Tacticity

    11 Crystallization of Poly(ethylene terephthalate)

    12 Avrami Exponents (n) of Nylon 6

    13 Values of the Avrami Exponent n for Different Elongation Ratios α of cis-l,4-poly(2-methylbutadiene)

    14 Thermodynamic data per mole of monomer 274

    15 Reactivity of Diynes of Structure R1-C = C — C = C — R 2


    1 Temperature of Initial Thickening on Annealing of Single Crystals

    2 Annealing Behavior of Some Folded Chain Single Crystals

    3 Annealing Behavior of Some Melt Crystallized Samples

    4 Annealing Behavior of Some Drawn Macromolecular Samples

    5 Annealing of Polyethylene at 5.1 kb Pressure

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  • No. of pages: 476
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1976
  • Published: January 1, 1976
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323148948

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Bernhard Wunderlich

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Rensselaer Polytechic Institute

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