Volume 4. Luminescence Process of Optically Active Ions in Solids

1st Edition


  • Kailash Mishra
  • Baldassare Di Bartolo
  • John Collins
  • Description

    Current advances in the study of luminescent materials are driven by many factors: the emergence of new materials (nanostructures), more elaborate theoretical models (with increased computational power), more sophisticated experimental equipment and techniques, and the environmentally driven need for high-quality, more efficient products (lighting).

    This book on luminescent materials and processes will be of interest to experimentalists and theorists. It covers solid-state systems doped with optically active ions. These systems are finding applications in lasers, scintillators, luminophores and opto-electronics. They also provide a rich array of problems involving the interaction of radiation with matter.

    Key Features

    • Appraises theories on radiative and non-radiative transitions of optically active ions in solids
    • Provides analytical tools to investigate novel luminescence processes


    Professionals, academics and students working in the field of optics and luminescence phenomena

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction. Statement of Purpose
    2. The Nature of Optically Active Ions in Solids
    3. Electronic Structure of Optically Active Ions in Solids
    4. Energy levels of Ions in Solids (Rare Earth ions and Transition Metal Ions)
    5. The Ion-Photon Interaction
    6. The Ion-Phonon Interaction
    7. Luminescence Processes
    8. Intensity and Shape of Spectral Lines
    9. THe Judd-Otelt Theory
    10. Current Problems in Luminescence


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