These proceedings review progress in the development of lubricants and in the understanding of the phenomena of lubrication.

The contents include papers on the impact of automotive technology and environmental factors upon lubricant requirements, elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication, boundary lubrication, machine elements, bio-tribology, metal forming, rheology, lubricated wear and very thin film (nano metre) lubrication. Presented by leading scientists from 22 different countries, these proceedings provide an up-to-date review of developments in this field.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Sessions I: Opening Session. In Memorium: Professor Maurice Godet (1930-1993). (G. Dalmaz). Keynote address: Effect of automotive technology and environmental factors on lubricant requirements (T.W. Bates). II: Lubricants. Papers by: R.C. Coy, Y. Michopoulos, J.P.T. Wilkinson, A. Kabuya, J.L. Bozet, S. Sasanuma, K. Matsubara, D.J. Schipper, O. Maathuis, A.A. Lubrecht, Y. Berthier. III: Bio-Tribology. Papers by: K. Ikeuchi, H. Forster, J. Fisher, D. Dowson, V. Wright, G. McClure, Z.M. Jin, J. Fisher, B.J. Tighe, M. Kothare, J.F. Booker, D.L. Bartel. IV: Machine Elements (1). Papers by: J.F. Maston, D.C. Barton, M.-T. Ma, C.M. Taylor, B.J. Briscoe, P.S. Thomas, P.M. Cann, H.A. Spikes. VI: Rheology. Papers by: S. Bair, P. Vergne, P.L. Wong, S. Lingard, A. Cameron, P. Prat, P. Vergne, M. Pochard, J. Sicre. VII: E.H.L. (1). Papers by: R.W. Snidle, H.P. Evans, J. Seabra, A. Sottomayor, A. compos, L. Ferreira, F. Chevalier, A.A. Lubrecht, P.M.E. Cann, F. Colin, G. Dalmaz, C.H. Venner, A.A. Lubrecht. VIII: Machine Elements (2): Gas Bearings. Papers by: T. Ohsumi, K. Ikeuchi, I. Iordanoff, P. Hermel, P. Stefan, K. Hayashi, K. Hirasata. IX: Lubricated Wear. Papers by: K. Meyer, U. Stolz, P. Rehbein, E. Onsøyen, Y. Yang, A.A. Torrance. X: Machine elements (3). Papers by: R.I. Taylor, M.A. Brown, D.M. Thompson, C.D. Radcliffe, D. Dowson, M.-T. Ma, I. Sherrington, E.H. Smith. XI: Boundary Lubrication (1). Papers by: K.C. Ludema, J.S. Sheasby, T.A. Caughlin, H. Muraki, H. Wada, H. Mansuy, P. Beccat, Y. Huiban, T. Palermo, B. Desbat. XII: Machine Elements (4). Papers by: J.J. Chapman, J.E.L. Simmons, D. Horner, B. Vincent, P. Maspeyrot, J. Frêne. XIII: Very Thin Film (nano metre) Lubrication. Papers by: J.-M. Georges, A. Tonck, D. Mazuyer, J.-L.


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G. Dalmaz

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Laboratoire de Mechanique des Contacts, INSA de Lyon, France

D. Dowson

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Department of Mechanical Engineering/University of Leeds/Leeds/UK