Look At It This Way

1st Edition

Toys and Activities for Children with Visual Impairment


  • Roma Lear
    • Print ISBN 9780750638951


    Health professionals, teachers, parents and carers are desperate for play ideas to keep their child entertained and hopefully improve the child's quality of life. The book incorporates many toys which will improve basic skills and are fun for any child, disabled or not. Other toys included are suitable for group play with family and friends. They are labelled as instant (self explanatory), quick (made in an evening) or long-lasting (made in a weekend or longer). These require basic needlework and carpentry skills using materials ranging from common objects around the house or garden to easily available fabrics and wood.

    The books will be invaluable to everyone working with children with special needs - parents, therapists, toy librarians, teachers, health visitors, playgroup leaders, child minders and all who play with children in hospitals, hostels or at home.

    Table of Contents

    Contents; Introduction; Before you begin; Materials used; Mail order firms; Play for a child with a visual impairment; Keeping toys within reach; For children playing on the floor; For children playing at a table; For children who tend to scatter their toys; Toys and play for children who are lying down; Learning to focus on a fixed object; Toys to encourage looking at a fixed object; Learning to track; Learning to scan; Looking around; Games for older children; Learning to identify colours; Learning to listen; Making opportunities for attentive listening; Homemade noisemakers; Toys with an inbuilt noise; Touch; Exploring textures; Texture matching; Some toys and activities to encourage the use of hands; Dressing skills - zips, buttons and poppers; Tactile games; Smell.


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