Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science VIII, Volume 126

1st Edition

Editors: J.E. Fenstad I.T. Frolov R. Hilpinen
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444705204
eBook ISBN: 9780080879895
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 16th August 1989
Page Count: 699
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Table of Contents

Inaugural Address: Philosophy, Science and Man (P.N. Fedoseyev). Intersectional Symposium: New Patterns of Explanation in Science. The Rediscovery of Time (I. Prigogine). Intersectional Symposium: Science and Ethics. Ethics and Science (E. Agazzi). Is There Anything We Should Not Want to Know? (P. Gärdenfors). The Ethics of Science as a Form of the Cognition of Science (B.G. Yudin). Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning. Non-Monotonic Reasoning by Axiomatic Extensions (G. Jäger). Inexact and Inductive Reasoning (J. Paris, A. Vencovská). Problems of Admissibility and Substitution, Logical Equations and Restricted Theories of Free Algebras (V.V. Rybakov). Model Theory. On the Existence of End Extensions of Models of Bounded Induction (A. Wilkie, J. Paris). Towards the Structural Stability Theory (B.I. Zilber). Foundations of Computing and Recursion Theory. Automorphisms of the Lattice of Recursively Enumerable Sets and Hyperhypersimple Sets (E. Herrmann). Degrees of Functions with No Fixed Points (C.G. Jockusch). Set Theory. Free Sets for Commutative Families of Functions (U. Abraham). Polarized Partition Relations and Almost-Disjoint Functions (J.E. Baumgartner). A Dilworth Decomposition Theorem for &lgr;-Suslin Quasi-Orderings of R (M. Foreman). General Logic. Logic and Pragmatic Truth (N.C.A. da Costa). The Justification of Negation as Failure (K. Fine). First-Order Spacetime Geometry (R. Goldblatt). General Methodology of Science. Strong and Weak Methods (V. Filkorn). Impact of Global Modelling on Modern Methodology of Science (J.M. Gvishiani). Conceptual Change and the Progress of Science (D. Pearce). Scientific Method and the Objectivity of Epistemic Value Judgements (K. Shrader-Frechette). Foundations of Probability and Statistical Infe


Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science VIII presents the results of recent research into the foundations of science. The volume contains 37 invited papers presented at the Congress, covering the areas of Logic, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and the Humanities.


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I.T. Frolov Editor

R. Hilpinen Editor