Fourteen papers presented at the 1987 European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic are collected in this volume. The main areas covered by the conference were Logic, Set Theory, Recursion Theory, Model Theory, Logic for Computer Science and Semantics of Natural Languages.

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Model Theory of Henselian Valued Fields (F. Delon). On the Foundations of Mathematics in 1987 (F.R. Drake). Logic and Natural Language Systems (J.E. Fenstad). Model Theory of Regular and Compact Spaces (J. Flum). Categoricity and Permutation Groups (W. Hodges). Unidimensional Theories. An Introduction to Geometric Stability Theory (E. Hrushovski). Unbounded Filters on &ohgr; (J.I. Ihoda). Type Theory and Explicit Mathematics (G. Jäger). An Introduction to Extenders and Core Models for Extender Sequences (P. Koepke). Logical Aspects of the Axiomatic Method: On Their Significance in (Traditional) Foundations and in Some (Now) Common or Garden Varieties of Mathematics (G. Kreisel). On the Use of Diagonally Nonrecursive Functions (A. Kucera). Some Aspects of Impredicativity: Notes on Weyl's Philosophy of Mathematics and on Today's Type Theory (G. Longo). General Logics (J. Meseguer). Semantic Parallels in Natural Language and Computation (J. Van Benthem).


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