The bulk of this volume consists of invited addresses presented at the Colloquium. These contributions report on recent or ongoing research in some of the mainstream areas of mathematical logic: model theory, both pure and in its applications (to group theory and real algebraic geometry); and proof theory, applied to set theory and diophantine equations. The major novel aspect of the book is the important place accorded to the connections of mathematical logic with the neighboring disciplines: mathematical foundations of computer science, and philosophy of mathematics.

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Jean van Heijenoort (1912-1986) (A. Burdman Feferman and S. Feferman). La Mouche dans la Bouteille (J.Y. Girard). J. v. H. (Ph. de Rouilhan). Almost Strongly Minimal Totally Categorical Theories (G. Ahlbrandt). On Lascar Rank in Non-Multidimensional &ohgr;-Stable Theories (A. Baudisch). ``Geometrical'' Stability Theory (S. Buechler). Homogeneous Directed Graphs. The Imprimitive Case (G.L. Cherlin). Proofs of Partial Correctness for Iterative and Recursive Computations (B. Courcelle). Système et Métasystème chez Russell (J. van Heijenoort). Concepts Mathématiques et Informatiques Formalisés dans le Calcul des Constructions (T. Coquand and G. Huet). Arithmetical Truth and Hidden Higher-Order Concepts (D. Isaacson). Some Proof-Theoretic Contributions to Theories of Sets (J. Jaeger). Logic and Conceptual Relationships in Mathematics (K.L. Manders). &Pgr;2-Models of Extensions of Kripke-Platek Set Theory (P. Päppinghaus). Weakly Normal Groups (U. Hrushovski and A. Pillay). A Propos de Groupes Stables (B. Poizat). Logique et Géométrie Algébrique Réelle (M.F. Roy). Some Aspects of Categorical Semantics: Sheaves and Glueing (A. Scedrov). Critères d'Indépendence d'Equations Diophantiennes de Fragments de l'Arithmétique (U.R. Schmerl).


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