This proceedings volume contains most of the invited talks presented at the colloquium. The main topics treated are the model theory of arithmetic and algebra, the semantics of natural languages, and applications of mathematical logic to complexity theory. The volume contains both surveys by acknowledged experts and original research papers presenting advances in these disciplines.

Table of Contents

Some Results on Open and Diophantine Induction (Z. Adamowicz). Situations, Sets and the Axiom of Foundation (J. Barwise). Ultrafilters on Definable Sets in Arithmetic (P. Clote). Tarski's Problem and Pfaffian Functions (L. van den Dries). Situation Schemata and Systems of Logic Related to Situation Semantics (J.E. Fenstad). Effective Construction of Models (J.F. Knight). Twenty Years of p-adic Model Theory (A. Macintyre). Malaise et Guérison (B. Poizat). On the Length of Proofs of Finitistic Consistency Statements in First Order Theories (P. Pudlák). On Categorical Theories (J. Saffe). Finite Homogeneous Rings of Odd Characteristic (D. Saracino and C. Wood). Substructure Lattices of Models of Peano Arithmetic (J.H. Schmerl). Decidable Theories of Valuated Abelian Groups (P.H. Schmitt). Complete Universal Locally Finite Groups of Large Cardinality (S. Thomas). P-Xo-Categorical Structures (C. Toffalori). On Sentences Interpretable in Systems of Arithmetic (A.J. Wilkie). On the Model Theory of Exponential Fields (Survey) (H. Wolter). Bounded Arithmetic Formulas and Turing Machines of Constant Alternation (A. Woods).


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