Light and Video Microscopy - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080921280

Light and Video Microscopy

1st Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780080921280
Imprint: Academic Press
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Key Features

  • Brings together mathematics, physics, and biology to provide a broad and deep understanding of the light microscope

  • Clearly develops all ideas from historical and logical foundations

  • Laboratory exercises included to assist the reader with practical applications

  • Microscope discussions include: bright field microscope, dark field microscope, oblique illumination, phase-contrast microscope, photomicrography, fluorescence microscope, polarization microscope, interference microscope, differential interference microscope, and modulation contrast microscope


cell biologists, neurobiologists, reproductive biologists, plant biologists, microbiologists, fungal biologists, veterinarians, forensic scientists, food scientists, horticulturalists, biochemists, physicists, engineers, and anyone using a light or video microscope


Academic Press
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