The whole field of ligand coupling has only emerged in the last decade as a basis for new synthetic transformations. As Professor Finet shows in this comprehensive survey, the recent clarification of reaction mechanisms of ligand coupling process around heteroatom centres, now provides an understanding of these reactions which are certain to permit their application in organic synthesis, thereby achieving transformations which are quite difficult to achieve by other methods. This book provides in a thorough and scholarly way, a balanced coverage of the whole field.


For all chemists engaged in organic synthesis both in academia and industry.

Table of Contents

Chapter headings and selected papers: Foreword. Preface. Abbreviations. Introduction. Definitions. Ligand coupling. Pseudorotation. Organization of the book. References. The Ligand Coupling Mechanism. Historical background. Mechanistic aspects. References. Ligand Coupling Involving Organosulfur Compounds. Sulfonium salts. Sulfoxides. Sulfilimines. Sulfones. Polysulfanes. Oxathietanes. References. Ligand Coupling Involving Organophosphorus Compounds. Decomposition of pentavalent phosphorane derivatives. Reactions involving phosphorus (V) reagents. Reactions involving phosphorus (III) reagents. References. Ligand Coupling Involving Organoiodine Compounds. Diaryliodonium salts. Arylvinyliodonium salts. Alkynylaryliodonium salts. Arylperfluoroalkyliodonium salts. Aryliodine (III) derivatives. References. Ligand Coupling Involving Organobismuth Compounds. Arylation of inorganic substrates. C-Arylation with pentavalent organobismuth. O-Arylation with pentavalent organobismuth. S- and N- Arylation with pentavalent organobismuth. Ligand coupling with organobismuthonium salts. Mechanistic studies. Copper-catalysed reactions. References. Ligand Coupling Involving Organolead Compounds. Acyloxylation reactions, a brief overview. Arylation reactions. Vinylation reactions. Alkynylation reactions. Mechanistic studies on the reactions of organolead derivatives. Copper-catalysed arylation reactions. References. Ligand Coupling Involving Other Heteroatoms. Organoantimony. Organoselenium. Organotellurium. Organothallium. References. Index.


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