Geological, geoenvironmental, and resource studies were completed to study a world-class phosphate ore in the Western US Phosphate Field. This integrated, multi-agency, multidisciplinary research emphasized: (1) Geological and geochemical baseline characterization of the deposit and associated rocks, (2) Delineation, assessment, and spatial analysis of phosphate resources and lands disturbed by mining, (3) Contaminant residence, reaction pathways, and environmental fate associated with the occurrence, development, and use of phosphate rock, and (4) Depositional origin and evolution of the Phosphoria Formation and deposit and geoenvironmental modeling.

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Preface. List of Contributors. Part I. Introduction. 1. The Permian Earth (J.R. Hein). 2. Evolution of thought concerning the origin of the Phosphoria Formation, Western US Phosphate Field (J.R. Hein, R.B. Perkins, B.R. McIntyre). Part II. Regional Studies. 3. The history of production of the Western Phosphate Field (S.M. Jasinski, W.H. Lee, J.D. Causey). 4. The Meade Peak Member of the Phosphoria Formation: Temporal and spatial variations in sediment geochemistry (R.B. Perkins, D.Z. Piper). 5. Regional analysis of spiculite faunas in the Permian Phosphoria basin: Implication for paleoceanography (B.L. Murchey). 6. Strain distribution and structural evolution of the Meade plate, southeastern Idaho (J.G. Evans). Part III. Geological and Geochemical Studies in southeast Idaho. 7. The effects of weathering on the mineralogy of the Phosphoria Formation, southeastern Idaho (A.C. Knudsen, M.E. Gunter). 8. Petrogenesis and mineralogic residence of selected elements in the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale Member of the Permian Phosphoria Formation, southeast Idaho (R.I. Grauch, G.A. Desborough et al.). 9. Weathering of the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale Member, Phosphoria Formation: Observations based on uranium and its decay products (R.A. Zielinski, J.R. Budahn et al.). 10. Mineral affinities and distribution of selenium and other trace elements in black shale and phosphorite of the Phosphoria Formation (R.B. Perkins, A.L. Foster). Part IV. Geoenvironmental Studies. 11. The Phosphoria Formation: A model for forecasting global selenium sources to the environment (T.S. Presser, D.Z. Piper et al.). 12. Lithogeochemistry of the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale Member of the Phosphoria Formation, southeast Idaho (J.R. Herring, R.I. Grauch). 13. Rock leachate geochemistry of the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale Member of the Phosphoria Formation, southeast Idaho (J.R. H


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