Lewis's Medical Surgical Nursing

2nd Edition

Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems


  • Diane Brown
  • Helen Edwards
  • Table of Contents

    1 Concepts of Nursing Practice, Professor Jo Ann Walton, AUT

    1 The importance of nursing, Prof Mary FitzGerald, JCU

    2 Culture and Diversity, Dr Rhonda Marriott, Murdoch and Prof Jo Ann Walton, AUT

    3 Health history and physical examination, Jan Thompson, Flinders

    4 Health promotion & health education, AssPro Pauline Glover, Flinders

    5 Older adults, Prof Lynn Chenoweth, UTS

    6 Community-based nursing and home care, Caroline Lewis, Nurse

    7 Complementary and alternative therapies, Lesley Cuthbertson, Flinders

    8 Pain management, Prof Mari Botti, Deakin/Epworth Hospital

    9 Palliative care, Ann Harrington, Flinders and Meg Hegarty, Flinders

    10 Substance use and dependency, Prof Charlotte de Crespigny, Flinders

    11 Rural and remote, Prof Desley Hegney, UQ, Dr Bev McKay, Northland Polytechnic, Dr Sue Kruske, CDU, Prof Sue Kildea, CDU, Sue Lenthall, Flinders/CDU, and Sabina Knight, Flinders/CDU

    2 Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Disease, Professor Patsy Yates, QUT

    12 Nursing Management: Inflammation, infection and healing, Professor Patsy Yates, QUT

    13 Genetics and altered immune responses, Professor Patsy Yates, QUT

    14 Nursing Management: Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Professor Patsy Yates, QUT

    15 Cancer, Professor Patsy Yates, QUT

    16 Nursing Management: Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Imbalances, Professor Patsy Yates, QUT

    3 Perioperative Care, Dr Marilyn Richardson-Tench, VU

    17 Nursing Management: Preoperative Care, Carolyn Naismith, Nurse Clinician

    18 Nursing Management: Intraoperative Care, Anne Duncan, Formerly Deakin

    19 Nursing Management: Postoperative Care, Pat Nicholson, UniMelb

    4 Problems Related To Altered Sensory Input, Elaine Boxer, St Vincents Hospital

    20 Nursing Assessment: Visual and Auditory Systems, Karen Twyford, Royal Vi


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