Lattice Dynamics

Lattice Dynamics

Proceedings of the International Conference Held at Copenhagen, Denmark, August 5–9, 1963

1st Edition - January 1, 1965

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  • Editor: R. F. Wallis
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483223414

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Lattice Dynamics covers the proceedings of the 1963 International Conference on Lattice Dynamics, held at the H.C. Ørsted Institute of the University of Copenhagen on August 5-9. This book is composed of seven parts that focus on a better fundamental understanding of the interactions between atoms in solids and their role in lattice dynamics. The major topics covered include phonon dispersion curves, anharmonic effects, optical and dielectric effects, influence of defects on lattice vibrations, elasticity, and developments. Papers on the study of vibrational spectra by infrared absorption, X-ray and neutron scattering and the electron tunneling effects as well as papers on the influence of defects and on a variety of other problems in lattice dynamics are included. This book will prove useful to applied physicists and researchers in the field and related fields of lattice dynamics.

Table of Contents

  • Introductory Remarks

    Reminiscences of My Work on the Dynamics of Crystal Lattices

    The Early Days of Lattice Dynamics

    A. Phonon Dispersion Curves

    A1. A Study of the Crystal Dynamics of Zinc

    A2. Normal Vibrations in Gallium Arsenide

    A3. Lattice Dynamics of Zinc

    A4. Lattice Dynamics of Niobium

    A5. Phonon Dispersion Relations in Magnesium Oxide

    A6. The Frequencies of the Normal Modes of Copper

    A7. Experimental Dispersion Curves for Phonons in Aluminum

    A8. Measured Vibrational Frequency Distributions of Ni, V, Ti, and Ti67Zr33

    A9. Determination of Dispersion Curves of Phonons with the Aid of Diffuse Scattering of X-Rays and Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons

    A10. The Thermal Scattering of X-Rays in Rock Salt

    All. Interpretation of Phonon Dispersion Curves

    A12. Theory of Phonon Dispersion in Metals

    A13. Lattice Dynamics of Lead

    A14. Studies in Lattice Dynamics of Metals Using the as Model

    A15. Lattice Vibrations of LaCl3

    A16. Dynamique des reseaux hexagonaux compacts spectres des frequences de vibration

    A17. On the Lattice Dynamics and Specific Heat of the Rare Gas Solids

    A18. Lattice Dynamics of Tellurium

    A19. A Comparison of the Thermodynamic Properties and Spectra of the F.C.C. and H.C.P. Lattices

    A20. Lattice Vibration of MGO (Periclase)

    A21. The Force Constants of Germanium

    A22. Shell and Exchange Charge Models of Interatomic Interactions in Solids

    A23. Applicability of the Shell Model to the Lattice Vibrations of LiH

    A24. Comments on the Shell Model for Lattice Vibrations

    A25. Lattice Dynamical Models for Grey and White Tin and Their Relevance to Transitions at High Pressure

    A26. Atomic Model for Phase Transitions in KH2PO4 Like Crystals

    A27. Lattice Dynamics of Rubidium Iodide in Relation to the NaCl-CsCl Phase Transition

    A28. On the Effective Charge of Ions and the Deviation from Additivity of Polarizability and Diamagnetic Susceptibility of Ionic Crystals

    A29. Application of a Sum Rule to the Study of Interatomic Forces

    A30. Polarization of Atomic Vibrations in Crystals

    A31. Ondes de libration dans un modele de cristal moleculaire

    A32. Dispersion Relations for Phonons in Magnesium


    B. Anharmonic Effects

    ?1. Anharmonic Effects

    ?2. Thermodynamic Properties and Effective Vibrational Spectra of an Anharmonic Crystal

    B3. Deviations of the Specific Heats of the Alkali Metals from Harmonic Behavior. A Possible Dependence on Isotopic Composition of the Anharmonic Contribution to Specific Heat

    B4. Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons by Anharmonic Crystals

    B5. Paper Withdrawn

    B6. The Pressure Derivatives of Elastic Constants: Microscopic Gruneison Parameters

    ?7. Equation of State and Thermodynamic Functions of Nonmetallic Crystals

    B8. Anharmonic Specific Heat at Intermediate Temperatures

    B9. On the Temperature Variation of Volume and Compressibility of Solids

    B1o. Anharmonic Effects in Ionic Crystals

    B11. A Variational Approach to the Anharmonic Lattice Problem (with an Application to the Theory of Ferroelectric Transitions)


    C. Optical and Dielectric Effects

    C1. The Intrinsic Infrared and Raman Lattice Vibration Spectra of Cubic Diatomic Crystals

    C2. Spectre de raman d'un cristal de wurtzite

    C3. Representation des proprietes dynamiques de la glace par des modeles simples. Röle de la liaison hydrogene

    C4. Interaction du champ de rayonnement avec des phonons simples et multiples dans les structures du type wurtzite et blende

    C5. Critical Points of the Frequency Surfaces in the Silicon Crystal

    C6. Lattice Vibrations and Infrared Absorption of Germanium, Silicon and Diamond

    C7. The Absorption of Sub-Millimetre Radiation by Solid Argon

    C8. Lattice Bands in Calcium Fluoride

    C9. Spectres d'absorption de composes ä l'etat cristallin et vitreux dans l'infrarouge lointain (40-1600 µ) entre 4 et 300°K

    C10. Two-Phonon Infrared Absorption of NaCl Structure Ionic Crystals

    C11. Variation des frequences principales d'emission infrarouge des cristaux avec la temperature

    C12. Infrared Absorption Bands at Polar Longitudinal Optic Mode Frequencies in Cubic Crystal Films

    C13. Lattice Vibrations of LaCl3 and LaBr3 from Vibronic Spectra

    C14. Second-Order Dipole Absorption in Ionic Crystals

    C15. On the Interaction between Cubic Anharmonicity and a Second-Order Electric Moment in the Optical Absorption of Crystals

    C16. On Theory of Dielectric Losses at Super High Frequencies in Ionic Crystals with Non-Ideal Lattice

    C17. Quantum Relaxation, the Shape of Lattice Absorption and Inelastic Neutron Scattering Lines

    C18. Raman Spectra of Alkali Halides


    D. Defects and Lattice Vibrations

    D1. Influence of Defects on Lattice Vibrations

    D2. Localized Modes at Extended Defects in Crystals

    D3. Localized Vibrations at a Vacancy in a Face-centered Cubic Metal

    D4. Optical Absorption Due to the Vibrations of Defects

    D5. Defect and Impurity Vibrational Absorption in Diamond, Silicon and Germanium

    D6. Infrared Absorption of Hydrogen and Deuterium Ions in Calcium Fluoride

    D7. Theory of Optical Absorption by Vibration of Defects in Diamond

    D8. Anharmonic Interaction Between Localized Modes and Lattice Modes in Alkali Halides

    D9. Effect of Isotopic Composition on Lattice-Vibration Absorption of Infrared Radiation in Ionic Crystals

    D10. Vibration of a Diatomic Simple Cubic Lattice with a Hole

    D11. Direct Calculation of Modes Modified by a Point Imperfection

    D12. The Dynamical Behavior of Impurity Atoms in Crystals

    D13. Localized Vibrational Modes Near Substitutional Impurities in Alkali Halide Crystals: The U-Center

    D14. On the Elastic and Inelastic Mossbauer Effect for Impurity Atoms in a Crystal and the Effect of Such Atoms on Neutron Scattering

    D15. The Scattering of Lattice Vibrations by Vacancy Type Defects

    D16. Surface Effects on Lattice Vibrations

    D17. Einige Fragen der Theorie von Schwingungen in Fremdionen enthaltenden Ionenkristallen

    D18. Theory of Vibrations of Defects Using Green's Functions

    D19. Dynamics of Disordered Lattices

    D20. Some Applications of the Method of Transfer-Matrix to the Vibration of Lattices with Free Boundaries


    E. Elasticity

    E1. The Relation between Microscopic and Macroscopic Theories of Elasticity

    E2. Surface Effects and Initial Stress in Continuum and Lattice Models of Elastic Crystals

    E3. The Third Order Elastic Moduli of Germanium and Silicon

    E4. Approaches to Piezoelectricity and Elasticity in Mixed Ionic Covalent Compounds

    E5. Elastic Properties of Manganese Fluoride

    E6. Generalized Continuum Field Representations for Lattice Vibrations

    E7. The Temperature Variation of the Elastic Constants of Calcite

    E8. Etude des constantes elastiques de la blende et de leur variation avec la temperature


    F. Recent Developments

    F1. The Mossbauer Eltect and Its Relation to Lattice Dynamics in Simple Lattices

    F2. Experimental Study of Lattice Properties with the Mossbauer Effect

    F3. Resonant Phonon-Electron Processes in Superconductors

    F4. Phonon Spectra and Density of States in Superconductors

    F5. Some Results of the Many-Body Theory of Interacting Phonons in a Crystal

    F6. Space Group Theory and Lattice Dynamics

    F7. Multiple Phonon Nuclear Spin Excitation in GaAs

    F8. Lattice Dynamics and Spin-Lattice Interaction in Solid Hydrogen

    F9. Phonon Broadening of Impurity Spectral Lines

    F10. Auto-Correlation of Fluctuations and Scattering of Radiation

    F11. Pseudo-Phonons and the Relaxation Spectra of Crystals and Liquids


    G. Summary

    G1. Conference Summary: Mainly Experimental

    G2. Conference Summary: Mainly Theoretical

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 746
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1965
  • Published: January 1, 1965
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483223414

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