Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials

Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials

1st Edition - January 28, 1980

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  • Editor: C.W. White
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323142533

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Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials contains the papers presented at the symposium on "Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials," held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in November 1979, sponsored by the Materials Research Society. The compilation presents reports and research papers on the use of directed energy sources, such as lasers and electron beams for materials processing. The majority of the materials presented emphasize results on semiconductor materials research. Substantial findings on research on metals, alloys, and other materials are presented as well. Topics covered by the papers include the use of scanned cw sources (both photons and electrons) to recrystallize amorphous layers, enhanced substitutional solubility, solute trapping, zone refining of impurities, and constitutional supercooling. The use of lasers and electron beams to anneal ion implant damage and contacts formation, processing of ion-implanted metals, and surface alloying of films deposited on metallic surfaces are also discussed. Metallurgists, engineers, and materials scientists will find the book very insightful.

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    Von Hippie Award Presentation

    Some Thoughts on Directions in Materials Science

    Part I Fundamental Mechanisms

    Coupling of Beam Energy to Solids*

    Transient Laser-Induced Processes in Semiconductors*

    Macroscopic Theory of Pulsed Laser Annealing*

    Evidence for and Nature of a Nonthermal Mechanism of Pulsed Laser Annealing of Si

    Plasma Bottlenecks: Dynamics of Laser-Induced Plasmas

    Melting by Pulsed Laser Irradiation

    Raman Temperature Measurements During Laser Heating of Silicon

    Modelling of Solid-Phase Thin-Film Reactions Induced by a Scanning CW Laser

    Adiabatic Approach to Transport Processes: A General Analytic Technique for Nonlinear Dynamic Heat and Mass Diffusion

    Part II Enhanced Solubilities, Solute Trapping, and Zone Refining

    Rapid Solidification*

    Solute Trapping

    Supersaturated Substitutional Alloys in Silicon Formed by Ion Implantation and Laser Annealing

    Solubility Limit of Dopants in Laser-Treated Silicon

    Surface Segregation in Laser Annealing of Ion-Implanted Silicon

    Surface Accumulation of Impurities After Laser-Induced Melting

    Segregation Effects in Pulsed Laser Annealing of Ion-Implanted Silicon

    The Direct Relation Between Segregation in Pulsed Laser Annealing and Equilibrium Crystal Growth

    Part III Ultrarapid Heating and Cooling

    Laser-Induced Order-Disorder Transitions in Silicon by Pulsed Uv Laser*

    Picosecond Laser Pulse-Induced Melting and Resolidification Morphology on Silicon

    Dynamic Behavior of 30-ps Pulsed Laser Annealing in Ion-Implanted Si

    Part IV Annealing and Recrystallization

    Laser-Induced Epitaxy in Ion-Implanted and -Deposited Amorphous Layers*

    Damage Recrystallization Phenomena and Impurity-Segregation in Ion-Implanted and Laser Annealed Silicon

    On Threshold Effects in Laser Annealing of Semiconductors

    Electrolyte Electroreflectance Investigation of Ion-Damaged Laser-Annealed Silicon

    Silicon Surface Structure and Surface Impurities After Pulsed Laser Annealing

    Photoacoustic Detection Methods for Characterizing Laser Irradiation and Recrystallization of Semiconductors

    Diagnostics of Laser-Annealed Semiconductor Materials Using Photoacoustic, Related Optical, and Rutherford Backscattering Techniques

    Laser-Induced Explosive Radial Crystallization of Deposited Ge and Si Thin Films

    An Analysis of the Explosive Crystallization of Amorphous Layers

    Solid-Phase Crystallization Produced by Laser Scanning of Amorphous Ge Films: The Role of Latent Heat in Crystallization-Front Dynamics

    Part V Elemental Semiconductors

    Laser and Thermal Annealing of Ion-Implanted P-Type Dopants in Silicon

    Laser Annealing of High Dose P+ As+ B+ O+ and C+ Implanted Si

    Structure Stability of Arsenic-Implanted Si After Pulsed Laser Irradiation

    Infrared Reflectivity and Transmissivity of Boron-Implanted, Laser-Annealed Silicon

    Laser-Annealed Polycrystalline Silicon Characteristics

    Characterization of Implanted Layers After Laser and Electron Beam Annealing

    Characterization of Silicon Layers Implanted by Low Speed Molecular Ions and Annealed by a Pulsed Laser

    Electronic Properties of Ion-Implanted Silicon Annealed With Microsecond Dye-Laser Pulses

    CW Laser Annealing of Ion-Implanted Polycrystalline Silicon Films

    Physical Properties of Ion-Implanted Sem-Annealed Silicon

    Optimization of Two Wavelength Laser Annealing of Implanted Semiconductors

    Part VI Compound Semiconductors

    Laser and Electron Beam Annealing of GaAs*

    Laser Annealing Effects in Ion-Implanted GaAs

    Pulsed E-Beam and Ruby Laser Annealing of Ion-Implanted GaAs

    Annealing of Implanted Layers in Compound Semiconductors by Localized Beam Heating Techniques

    Annealing of Ion-Implanted GaAs with a Pulsed Ruby Laser

    Transient Annealing of Implanted GaAs by a Pulsed Electron Beam

    A Comparison of Laser-Annealed Donor and Acceptor Ions Implantd into Gaas

    Annealing of Ion-Implanted GaAs Layers Using a Nd-Yag Laser Beam of Large Dimension

    Optical Properties of Laser-Annealed CdSe Thin Films

    Photoluminescent Properties of Laser-Annealed GaA1As

    Laser Annealing of Pb-Implanted InSb

    Part VII Defects

    Defects in Laser-Processed Semiconductors*

    Structural Defects in Laser- and Electron-Beam-Annealed Silicon*

    Hydrogen and Defects in Laser-Annealed Amorphous Silicon

    Laser Annealing of a-Si: H

    A Comparison of Ion-Implantation-Induced Deep Levels in Scanned Electron-Beam-Annealed and CW Laser-Annealed Silicon

    Post Illumination Annealing of Defects in Laser-Processed Silicon Defect Luminescence in CW Laser-Annealed Silicon

    EPR of Laser-Annealed, Ion-Implanted Silicon

    Higher Order Defects in Silicon

    TEM and RBS Studies of Single and Double Discrete Buried Damage Layers in P+-Implanted Si on Subsequent Laser Annealing

    Positron Annihilation in Ion-Implanted, Laser-Annealed Silicon

    Part VIII Ohmic Contacts

    Overview of Ohmic-Contact Formation on N-Type Gaas by Laser and Electron Beam Annealing*

    Ohmic Contacts Produced by Laser Beams to Indium Implanted Into and Indium Deposited Onto GaAs

    Pulsed Electron Beam Alloying of Au-Ge/Pt Ohmic Contacts to Gaas

    Fabrication of Ohmic Contact on p-Type InP Using Ion Implantation and Laser Annealing

    Redistribution of Implanted Zn IN InP After Q-Switched Laser Annealing and the Related Specific Contact Resistance

    Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces by Pulsed Electron Beam Processing

    Part IX Metal-Silicon Interactions

    Laser- and Ion-Beam-Induced Reactions*

    Structure of Laser-Produced Silicide Layers

    CW Laser-Induced Reactions for Silicide Formation

    Silicide Formation by Millisecond Laser Pulses

    Phase Transformation in Laser-Irradiated Au-Si Thin Films

    Part X Deposited Layers

    Characteristics of P+N Alloy Junctions Produced by Single Laser Pulses

    Structure of P-N Junctions Alloyed by Pulsed Electron Beams

    CW Laser Annealing Studies of Deposited Films

    Scanning CW Laser-Induced Crystallization of Silicon on Amorphous Substrates

    Pulsed Electron Beam Liquid Epitaxy

    Cellular Solidification of Laser Processed Ge-Si Heterojunctions

    Potential Applications of Transient Processes to Material Formation

    Part XI Device Applications

    Application of CW Beam Processing to Semiconductor Device Fabrication*

    Application of Laser Annealing to Silicon Device Fabrication*

    Laser-Annealed Silicon Impatt Diodes

    Electrical Characteristics of Laser-Annealed Polysilicon Resistors for Device Applications

    Properties of Mosfets Fabricated in Laser-Annealed Polysilicon Films

    Pulsed Laser and Electron Beam Annealing of Silicon Dioxide Layers on Silicon Structures

    Electron Beam Annealing of Arsenic-Implanted Silicon in Windows Defined by Oxide

    Laser Processing of Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

    Electron Beam and Laser Process Applications for Silicon Solar Cells

    Characterization of Ion-Implanted and Pulse-Laser-Annealed Junctions; Application to Silicon Solar Cells

    Laser-Induced Photochemical Reactions for Electronic Device Fabrication

    The Effects of Laser Irradiation on Monolithic Resistors

    Influence of Laser Irradiation on Diode-Leakage Current

    Part XII Metals and Other Materials

    Metastable Surface Alloys

    Impurity Diffusion in Ion-Implanted A1 During Electron-Beam-Pulsed Annealing

    Precipitation in Ion-Implanted A1 During Electron-Beam-Pulsed Annealing

    Ion Implantation and Laser Annealing of High Tc Superconducting Materials

    Laser Alloying of Deposited Metal Films on Nickel

    Permanent Local Modification of the Magnetic Bubble Properties of Epitaxial Garnet Films by Laser Annealing

    Constitution and Microstructure of Ag-Cu Alloys Produced by Continuous Laser Melt Quenching

    Solidification Microstructure and Microsegregation of Laser-Glazed Ni-Al-Ta and Ni-Al-Cr Dendritic Monocrystals

    Laser and Electron Beam Melting of Iron Base Hard Materials

    Laser Surface Melting With Carbide Particle Injection

    Consolidation of Metal Coatings by Electron Beam Melting

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 788
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1980
  • Published: January 28, 1980
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323142533

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