Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control 2000

1st Edition

A Proceedings volume from the IFAC Workshop, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 16 - 18 March 2000


  • N.E. Leonard
  • Ricardo Ortega-Santiago
  • Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control 2000

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    This Proceedings contains the papers presented at the IFAC Workshop on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control, held at Princeton University, USA in March 2000. The workshop featured presentations and in-depth discussions of recent theoretical and practical developments in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian approaches to nonlinear control. New technologies have created engineering problems where successful controller designs must account for nonlinear effects, yet existing theory for general nonlinear systems often proves insufficient. This workshop focused on recent research that gives modeling a central role and focuses on structure that can be exploited in controller design. The research presented covered a diverse set of application areas.


    For control-oriented researchers and graduate students, and also of value for practicing engineers as well as those concerned with the more theoretical side of this subject.

    Table of Contents

    Presented papers. Optimal control for halo orbit missions (R. Serban et al.). Low energy trajectories for space travel using stability transition regions (E. Belbruno). Hamiltonian structure of generalized cubic polynomials (P. Crouch et al.). Quantized control systems and discrete nonholonomy (A. Bicchi et al.). Rings of satellites (P.S Krishnaprasad). Port controlled Hamiltonian representation of distributed parameter systems (B.M.J. Maschke, A.J. van der Schaft). Hamiltonian realizations of nonlinear adjoint operators (K. Fujimoto et al.). Stabilization of invariant sets in nonlinear systems: chetaev's bundles and speed-gradient (A. Shiriaev, A. Fradkov). Asymptotic stabilization of euler-poincare mechanical systems (A.M. Bloch et al.). Controlled Lagrangians, symmetries and conditions for strong matching (J. Hamberg). Time-varying stabilization of Hamiltonian systems via generalized canonical transformations (K. Fujimoto, T. Sugie). Stabilization of underactuated mechanical systems via interconnection and damping assignment (R. Ortega, M.W. Spong). Control of elastic systems, a Hamiltonian approach (K. Schlacher, A. Kugi). An energy-based lyapunov function for physical systems (M.U. Bikdash, R.A. Layton). An almost poisson structure for the generalized rigid body equations (A.M. Bloch et al.). Symmetries and conservation laws for implicit port-controlled Hamiltonian systems (G. Blankenstein, A.J. van der Schaft). Asymptotic stabilization of relative equilibria with application to the heavy top (M. Egorov, T.A. Posbergh). Nonlinear control of underactuated multi-body space vehicles (N.H. McClamroch). Generalized kirchhoff equations (A.R. Galper). Time-optimal control for underwater vehicles (M. Chyba et al.). Affine connection control systems (A.D. Lewis). Control algorithms using affine connections on principal fiber bundles (H. Zhang, J.P. Ostrowski). Kinemat


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