Knowledge and Social Capital

1st Edition

Foundations and Applications

Authors: Eric Lesser
Paperback ISBN: 9780750672221
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 3rd February 2000
Page Count: 208


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Social capital - the informal networks, trust and common understanding among individuals in an organization - determines major competitive advantages in today's networked economy. Knowledge and Social Capital explains how social capital can drive collaboration, reconcile an organization's internal and external labor markets, and improve organizational effectiveness. This edited compilation of authoritative articles helps readers understand how they can build and capitalize on their own organizations' social capital.

Knowledge and Social Capital teaches core principles and important strategies to a range of executives, including organizational development specialists, corporate strategists, and knowledge management professionals. Readers will learn how an organization can:

Key Features

Leverage its social capital to effectively develop and manage knowledge Foster concrete, trusting and productive personal relationships among its members Use social capital to improve the effectiveness of joint ventures and alliances


Managers, executives, CIOs

Table of Contents

Social Capital: Its Origins and Applications in Modern Sociology -Portes; Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital - Coleman; The Strength of Weak Ties - Granovetter; Social Capital, Structural Holes and the Formation of an Industry Network - Walker, Kogut and Weijian; Social Capital, Intellectual Capital and the Organizational Advantage -Nahapiet and Ghoshal; The Contingent Value of Social Capital - Ronald; The Sources and the Consequences - Uzzi; Social Capital at the Top: Effects of Social Similarity and Status on CEO Compensation - Belliveau and O' Reilly III; Virtual Communities and Social Capital - Blanchard and Horan; Social Capital and Opportunity in Corporate R & D: The Contingent Effect of Contact Density on Mobility Expectations - Gabbay and Zuckerman; Human Capital, Social Capital and Compensation: The Relative Contribution of Social Contacts to Managers - Meyerson; A paradigm for social capital - Sandefur and O Laumann; Social Capital and Capital Gains in Silicon Valley - Cohen and fields; Social Capital, Violations of TRust and the Vulnerability of Isolates: The Social Organization of Law Practice and Professional Self Regulation - Arnold and Kay


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