Kinetics of Aggregation and Gelation

Kinetics of Aggregation and Gelation

1st Edition - October 1, 1984

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  • Editors: F. Family, D.P. Landau
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444596581

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Kinetics of Aggregation and Gelation presents the proceedings of the International Topical Conference on Kinetics of Aggregation and Gelation held on April 2-4, 1984 in Athens, Georgia. The purpose of the conference was to bring together international experts from a wide variety of backgrounds who are studying phenomena inherently similar to the formation of large clusters by the union of many separate, small elements, to present and exchange ideas on new theories and results of experimental and computer simulations. This book is divided into 57 chapters, each of which represents an oral presentation that is part of a unified whole. The book begins with a presentation on fractal concepts in aggregation and gelation, followed by presentations on topics such as aggregative fractals called ""squigs""; multi-particle fractal aggregation; theory of fractal growth processes; self-similar structures; and interface dynamics. Other chapters cover addition polymerization and related models; the kinetic gelation model; a new model of linear polymers; red cell aggregation kinetics; the Potts Model; aggregation of colloidal silica; the ballistic model of aggregation; stochastic dynamics simulation of particle aggregation; particle-cluster aggregation; kinetic clustering of clusters; computer simulations of domain growth; and perspectives in the kinetics of aggregation and gelation. This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of chemistry, theoretical physics, and materials engineering.

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    Oral Presentations


    List of Participants

    Fractal Concepts in Aggregation and Gelation: An Introduction

    On the Aggregative Fractals Called "Squigs", which Include Recursive Models of Polymers and of Percolation Clusters

    On 2d Percolation Clusters and on Multi-Particle Fractal Aggregation

    Theory of Fractal Growth Processes

    Self-Similar Structures and the Kinetics of Aggregation of Gold Colloids

    Electrostatic Aggregation and Interface Dynamics

    Properties of the Growing Interface in Diffusion-Limited Aggregation and in the Eden Process

    Addition Polymerization and Related Models

    Oscillations and Scaling in a Kinetic Gelation Model

    Kinetic Gelation with a Constant Initiator Creation Rate

    The Kinetic Growth Walk: A New Model of Linear Polymers

    Measuring Red Cell Aggregation Kinetics with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

    Monte Carlo Simulation of Vulcanization

    Cluster Numbers From the Potts Model

    The Atom Probe: A Direct Technique for Kinetic Measurements

    A Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study of the Decomposition of Fe-28Cr-10.5Co

    Aggregation of Colloidal Silica

    Mean Field Theory for a Ballistic Model of Aggregation

    Large-Cell Monte Carlo Renormalization of Irreversible Growth Processes

    Stochastic Dynamics Simulation of Particle Aggregation

    Observation of Power Law Correlations in Silica-Particle Aggregates by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering

    Particle-Cluster Aggregation with Fractal Particle Trajectories and on Fractal Substrates

    Scaling Properties of Growth by Kinetic Clustering of Clusters

    Critical Dynamics in Cluster-Cluster Aggregation

    The Structure and Fractal Dimension of Cluster-Cluster Aggregates

    Computer Simulations of Domain Growth

    Random-Field Ising Model: Domain Growth Theory

    Random Field Ising Model: Computer Simulations of Domain Growth

    The Elasticity and Vibrational Modes of Percolating Networks and Other Fractal Structures

    Kinetics of Red Blood Cell Aggregation: An Example of Geometric Polymerization

    Intrinsic Properties of Percolation Clusters and Branched Polymers

    Biased Diffusion on Randomly Grown Percolating Clusters

    Nonlinear Response and Metastability of Coulomb Systems Near the Percolation Threshold

    The Structure and Fractal Dimension of Generalized Diffusion

    Frequency Spectrum of an Elastic Sierpinski Gasket

    Particle Deposition on a Filter Medium

    Growth of Clusters During Imbibition in a Network of Capillaries

    Experimental Measurements of the Kinetic Evolution of Cluster Size Distributions with Applications to the Fractal Structure of Antigen-Antibody Clusters

    Experimental Analysis of Diffusion Controlled Coagulation Using an Optical Pulse Particle Size Analyzer

    Aggregation Kinetics via Smoluchowskfs Equation

    Critical Exponents in the Smoluchowski Equations of Coagulation

    Kinetics of Reversible Clustering and Branching

    Kinetics of Phase Separation in Mixtures of Linear and Branched Polymers

    Imhomogeneity in Gelation

    Relationship Between the Kinetic and Statistical Approaches to F-Functional Polycondensation

    Smoluchowski's Equation with Surface Interaction and Exponents in the Cluster Size Distribution

    Light Scattering Studies of Nucleation of Polypropylene

    Glassy Rigidification Phenomena: Is There a Unified Picture Emerging?

    Diffusion and Conductivity Exponents not Based on the Alexander-Orbach Conjecture

    Irreversible Self-Avoiding Walks

    Fractal Geometries in Decay Models

    Drift and Diffusion in a Hopping Model with Strong Disorder

    Corrections to Scaling in Cluster Statistics Problems: An Overview of Recent Results

    Cluster Statistics and Scaling in a Regular Model of Diffusion-Controlled Deposition

    Exact RNG For Disordered Diffusive Systems and Fluids

    Fibrin Aggregates: Fractal Objects with D=1

    Perspectives in The Kinetics of Aggregation and Gelation

    Author Index

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 294
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © North Holland 1984
  • Published: October 1, 1984
  • Imprint: North Holland
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444596581

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