Kinetic Processes in Gases and Plasmas

Kinetic Processes in Gases and Plasmas

1st Edition - January 1, 1969

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  • Editor: A Hochstim
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149112

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Kinetic Processes in Gases and Plasmas provides a survey of studies on transport and chemical kinetic processes in high temperature gases and plasmas. The book is concerned with conditions produced by the interaction of an object with the atmosphere at hypersonic velocities. The text also provides a foundation for the flow field equations which include chemical reactions and other transport processes, and to present in some detail the microscopic considerations underlying these calculations. Chapters are devoted to the discussion of topics such as the molecular theory of transport equations; transport processes in ionized gases; and inelastic energy transfer processes and chemical kinetics. Aerospace engineers, physicists, chemists, and astrophysicists will find the book a good reference material.

Table of Contents

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    I. Introduction to the Molecular-Transport Equations of Dilute Gases

    I. Introduction to Statistical Mechanics

    II. Relaxation-Time Spectrum

    III. Introduction to Transport Equations

    IV. Equations of Motion and Kinetic Equations

    V. Stochastic Equations and Kinetic Equations


    II. Derivation of Hydrodynamic Equations from the Boltzmann Equation

    I. Introduction

    II. Physical Basis for Hydrodynamic Equations

    III. The Boltzmann Equation and the Equations of Change

    IV. Chapman-Enskog Expansion Method

    V. Hydrodynamic Equations for "Almost-Frozen" Flow

    VI. Hydrodynamic Equations for Local Chemical Equilibrium

    VII. Hydrodynamic Equations for a System in Which the Vibrational Temperature Is Not Equal to the Translational Temperature

    VIII. Conclusion


    III. Transport in Neutral Gases

    I. Introduction

    II. General Theory

    III. Viscosity

    IV. Thermal Conductivity

    V. Diffusion

    VI. Pressure Diffusion and Thermal Diffusion

    VII. Summary of Calculation Recipes

    VIII. Determination of Intermolecular Forces

    IX. Available Tabulations


    IV. Kinetic Equations for Fully Ionized Plasmas

    I. Introduction

    II. Liouville Equation and BBGKY Hierarchy

    III. Vlasov Equation

    IV. Generalized Fokker-Planck Equation for Slowly and Rapidly Varying Processes

    V. Lenard-Balescu Equation

    VI. Fokker-PIanck Equation with Memory

    VII. Silin Kinetic Equation for Rapidly Varying Processes

    VIII. Linearization

    Appendix. Derivation of the Shielding Function


    V. The Boltzmann and Fokker-Planck Equations

    I. Introduction

    II. Derivation of the Fokker-Planck Equation from the Boltzmann Equation

    III. Derivation of the Fokker-Planck Equation from a Markov Process

    IV. Derivation of the Boltzmann and Fokker-Planck Equations from the Liouville Equation


    VI. Calculations of Transport Coefficients in Ionized Gases


    I. Macroscopic Rates and Transport Coefficients for Plasma

    II. Continuity Equation and Current Transport Coefficients

    III. Ambipolar Electron Diffusion

    IV. AC Electric Conductivity and Dielectric Constant

    V. Energy Equation and Energy Transport Coefficients

    VI. Thermoelectric Effect and Effective Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity

    VII. Einstein and Onsager Relations Between Current and Energy Transport Coefficients

    VIII. Generalized Wiedmann-Franz Law

    IX. Discussion of the Kinetic Description of Ionized Gases

    X. General Form of the Collision Integral

    XI. Spherical Harmonics Expansion and Logarithmic Cutoffs

    XII. Transport Properties in Slightly Ionized Gases

    XIII. Transport Properties Including Electron-Electron Collisions

    XIV. General Ohm's Law and Hall Conductivities

    XV. Ion Contributions to the Transport Properties in Plasmas

    XVI. Convergence of the Laguerre Expansion for Electron Transport Coefficients

    XVII. Summary of Notations, Examples, and Numerical Results for Electron Transport Coefficients

    Appendix A. Laguerre Polynomials and Products

    Appendix B. Elements of 20 x 20 Matrix


    VII. Chemical Reactions in High-Temperature Gases as Collision Processes

    I. Introduction

    II. The Place of Chemical Kinetics in the Domain of Collision Processes

    III. Gaseous Statistics and the Boltzmann Equation for Chemical Reactions

    IV. Collisions

    V. Reaction Cross Sections and Reaction Rates


    VIII. Rate Coefficients, Reaction Cross Sections, and Microscopic Reversibility

    I. Introduction

    II. Reaction Cross Sections and Rate Coefficients

    III. Examples of Relation between σK and kσ

    IV. Microscopic Reversibility and Detailed Balance


    IX. Triple Collisions and Termolecular Reaction Rates


    I. The Standard Gas-Kinetic Triple Cross Section

    II. Bodenstein's Theory and the "Collision Time"

    III. Repulsive Collisions

    IV. Attractive Collisions: The Collision Lifetime

    V. Lifetime and Binary Cross Sections

    VI. Quantum Effects in the 2-Body Lifetime

    VII. Electronic States and Curve Crossings

    VIII. Modes of 3-Body Collision: Entry

    IX. Modes of 3-Body Collision: Exit

    X. Gradual Stabilization and Successive Collisions

    XI. Many-Body Interactions

    XII. Experiment and Theory


    X. Methods for Calculating Inelastic Collision Cross Sections in Low-Energy Collisions

    I. Introduction

    II. Inelastic Collisions of Electrons with Atoms and Molecules

    III. Slow Inelastic Collisions of Heavy Particles

    IV. The Interaction Potentials

    Appendix A. Coupling of Electronic and Nuclear Motions: The Born-Oppenheimer Terms

    Appendix B. Close Coupling Calculations


    Charts A, B, and C


    Author Index

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 472
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1969
  • Published: January 1, 1969
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149112

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