Key Topics in Public Health

1st Edition

Essential Briefings on Prevention and Health Promotion


  • Linda Ewles
  • Key Features

    • Accessible and useful, in clear plain English.
    • Provides a foundation for further study, planning a work programme, or planning a strategy to meet targets.
    • Practical focus: on health inequalities and how to tackle them, and on help for practitioners who work at a community and one-to-one level.
    • Explicit links to national current public health policy and targets.
      Reflects recommendations based on best practice and evidence of effectiveness.
    • Focuses on a topic framework (except for the last two chapters) in contrast to other frameworks for health promotion and public health.
    • Attractive layout making full use of bullet points and boxes.
    • Simple line diagrams or tables to illustrate each chapter.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cancer

    2. Coronary heart disease and stroke

    3. Diabetes

    4. Smoking

    5. Obesity

    6. Physical activity

    7. Injury prevention

    8. Teenage pregnancy

    9. Sexually transmitted infections

    10. Alcohol use and misuse

    11. Drug use and misuse

    12. Mental health and mental health promotion

    13. Tackling inequalities in health

    14. Helping individuals to change behaviour


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