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Foreword by Sandra Thomas; Foreword by Antony Sheehan; Preface; List of Contributors; Acknowledgements; Chapter 1 - Introduction - Debate within psychiatric/mental health nursing; its nature, its place and its necessity (John R. Cutcliffe and Martin F. Ward); Debate 1: What's in a name? Psychiatric or mental health nurses? Editorial; Chapter 2 - The case for mental health nurses (Mary Chambers); Chapter 3 - The case for psychiatric nurses (Phyllis Du Mont); Commentary (John Collins); Debate 2: Reconciliatory or recalcitrant: should psychiatric/mental health nursing strive for independence from or be closely allied to psychiatric medicine? Editorial; Chapter 4 - Psychiatry and psychiatric nursing in the New World Order (Peter Morrall); Chapter 5 - Declaring conceptual independence from obsolete professional affilitions (Liam Clarke); Commentary (Jon Allen); Debate 3: Heterogenous or homogenize: should psychiatric/mental health nursing have a specialist or genetic preparation? Editorial; Chapter 6 - Generic nurses: the nemesis of psychiatric/mental health nursing? (John R. Cutcliffe and Hugh McKenna); Chapter 7 - Debating the integration of psychiatric/mental health nursing content in undergraduate nursing programs (Olive Younge and Geertje Boschma); Commentary (Stephen Tilley); Debate 4: Practice or theory centred: should psychiatric/mental health nursing be located within higher education and have a theory emphasis, or should it be practice orientated? editorial; Chapter 8 - The case for maintaining psychiatric/mental health nurse preparation within higher education (Ben Hannigan and Michael Coffey); Chapter 9 - Theory vs practice - gap or chasm? the preparation of practitioners: academic and practice issues (Linda Marie Lowe); Commentary (Marita Valimaki); Debate 5: Dealing with violence and aggression in psychiatric/mental health nursing: the case of 'control and restraint' and 'de-escalation'. Editorial; Chapter 10 - Managing violence - a contemporary challenge f


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About the editors

John Cutcliffe

Affiliations and Expertise

David G. Braithwaite Professor of Nursing, University of Texas, Tyler, TX; Adjunct Professor of Psychiatric Nursing SCISN, Vancouver, Canada; Associate Editor: Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing; Assistant Editor: International Journal of Nursing Studies; Director, Cutcliffe Consulting

Martin Ward

Affiliations and Expertise

Independent Mental Health Nursing Consultant; Co-ordinator of Mental Health Nursing Courses, University of Malta; Chair of the Expert Panel, HORATIO - Psychiatric Nurses in Europe