Karst Bauxites: Bauxite Deposits on Carbonate Rocks presents a comparison of bauxite regions using mathematical statistics methods. This book is divided into eight chapters that highlight the quantitative processing and assessment of the information available for bauxites. The opening chapters present observational and analytical evidence concerning karst bauxite, with particular emphasis on Hungarian bauxite deposits. The typical features of bauxites are analyzed from a variety of aspects and results from different bauxite regions are compared. Other chapters consider the feature of metamorphosed karst bauxites. The remaining chapters discuss the conditions of formation of karst bauxites and with the factors controlling their geographic and stratigraphic distribution. This book will prove useful to geologists, mineralogists, and researchers.

Table of Contents


1. Classification of Bauxite Deposits

2. Geographic and Stratigraphie Distribution

2.1. Geographic Distribution

2.2. Stratigraphie Distribution

3. Depositology

3.1. Classification of Karst Bauxite Deposits

3.2. Mediterranean-Type Deposits

3.2.1. Geometry

3.2.2. Arrangement of Deposits

3.2.3. Relationship Between the Bauxite and its Bedrock

3.2.4. Relationship of the Bauxite to its Cover

3.3. Timan-Type Deposits

3.3.1. Deposit Morphology

3.3.2. Relation of the Bauxite to its Bedrock

3.3.3. Relation of the Bauxite to its Cover

3.4. Kazakhstan-Type Deposits

3.4.1. Deposit Morphology

3.4.2. Deposit Patterns

3.4.3. Relation of the Bauxite Complex to its Bedrock

3.4.4. Relation of the Bauxite Complex to its Cover

3.5. Ariège-Type Deposits

3.5.1. Deposit Morphology

3.5.2. Relation of the Bauxite to its Bedrock

3.5.3. Relation of the Bauxite to its Cover

3.6. Salento-Type Deposits

3.7. Tulsk-Type Deposits

3.8. Geohistoric Distribution of Deposit Types

3.9. Bauxite Formations

3.9.1. Carbonatic Bauxitic Formations

3.9.2. Bauxite Formations Including Coal Seams, Clays and Carbonates (the 'Coal-Clay-Carbonate Formation')

3.9.3. Clayey-Sandy Bauxitic Formations

3.9.4. Summary

4. Lithology

4.1. Classification and Frequency of Bauxite Types

4.1.1. Previous Classifications

4.1.2. A New Proposal of Classification

4.1.3. Abundance of Bauxite Types

4.2. Particle


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@qu:This must be one of the most exhaustive hard cover treatise on a specialized topic. It is a tribute to the stamina of the author and to the translator... An enormous reference list is included. @source: Australian Mineral Foundation