Do you need an introductory book on data and databases? If the book is by Joe Celko, the answer is yes. Data and Databases: Concepts in Practice is the first introduction to relational database technology written especially for practicing IT professionals. If you work mostly outside the database world, this book will ground you in the concepts and overall framework you must master if your data-intensive projects are to be successful. If you're already an experienced database programmer, administrator, analyst, or user, it will let you take a step back from your work and examine the founding principles on which you rely every day-helping you to work smarter, faster, and problem-free.

Whatever your field or level of expertise, Data and Databases offers you the depth and breadth of vision for which Celko is famous. No one knows the topic as well as he, and no one conveys this knowledge as clearly, as effectively-or as engagingly. Filled with absorbing war stories and no-holds-barred commentary, this is a book you'll pick up again and again, both for the information it holds and for the distinctive style that marks it as genuine Celko.

Key Features

* Supports its extensive conceptual information with example code and other practical illustrations. * Explains fundamental issues such as the nature of data and data modeling, and moves to more specific technical questions such as scales, measurements, and encoding. * Offers fresh, engaging approaches to basic and not-so-basic issues of database programming, including data entities, relationships and values, data structures, set operations, numeric data, character string data, logical data and operations, and missing data among others. * Covers the conceptual foundations of modern RDBMS technology, making it an ideal choice for students.


Programmers and other developers working on database applications development.

Table of Contents

01.0 Preface 01.1 Organization of the Book 01.2 Corrections and Future Editions 02.0 The Nature of Data 02.1 Data versus Information 02.2 Information versus Wisdom 02.2.1 Innumeracy 02.2.2 Bad Math 02.2.3 Causation and Correlation 02.2.4 Testing the Model against Reality 02.3 Models versus Reality 02.3.1 Errors in Models 02.3.2 Assumptions about Reality 03.0 Entities, Attributes, Values and Relationships 03.1 Entities 03.1.1 Entities as Objects 03.1.2 Entities as Relationships 03.2 Attributes 03.3 Values 03.4 Relationships 03.5 ER Modeling 03.5.1 Mixed Models 03.6 FORM Modeling 04.0 Data Structures 04.1 Sets 04.2 Multi-sets 04.3 Simple Sequential Files 04.4 Lists 04.5 Arrays 04.6 Graphs 04.7 Trees 05.0 Relational Tables 05.1 Subsets 05.2 Union 05.3 Intersection 05.4 Set difference 05.5 Partitio


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About the editor

Joe Celko

Joe Celko served 10 years on ANSI/ISO SQL Standards Committee and contributed to the SQL-89 and SQL-92 Standards. Mr. Celko is author a series of books on SQL and RDBMS for Elsevier/MKP. He is an independent consultant based in Austin, Texas. He has written over 1200 columns in the computer trade and academic press, mostly dealing with data and databases.