The third entry in the Jim Blinn's Corner series, this is, like the others, a handy compilation of selected installments of his influential column. But here, for the first time, you get the "Director's Cut" of the articles: revised, expanded, and enhanced versions of the originals. What's changed? Improved mathematical notation, more diagrams, new solutions. What remains the same? All the things you've come to rely on: straight answers, irreverent style, and innovative thinking. This is Jim Blinn at his best - now even better.

Key Features

  • Features 21 expanded and updated installments of "Jim Blinn's Corner," dating from 1995 to 2001, and never before published in book form
  • Includes "deleted scenes"—tangential explorations that didn't make it into the original columns
  • Details how Blinn represented planets in his famous JPL flyby animations
  • Explores a wide variety of other topics, from the concrete to the theoretical: assembly language optimization for parallel processors, exotic usage of C++ template instantiation, algebraic geometry, a graphical notation for tensor contraction, and his hopes for a future world


Computer graphics professionals with computer science or mathematics background, including academic computer scientists, researchers, educators, students, and graduate students; graphics designers; computer animators interested in the latest developments of conceptual and practical aspects of rendering and graphics; software and game developers

Table of Contents

Preface Color Plates Chapter 1 How to Draw a Sphere Part I, Basic Math (January 1995) Chapter 2 How to Draw a Sphere Part II, Coordinate Systems (March 1995) Chapter 3 How to Draw a Sphere Part III, The Hyperbolic Horizon (September 1995) Chapter 4 The Truth about Texture Mapping (March 1990) Chapter 5 Consider the Lowly 2x2 Matrix (March 1996) Chapter 6 Calculating Screen Coverage (May 1996) Chapter 7 Fugue for MMX (March-April 1997) Chapter 8 Floating Point Tricks (July-August 1997) Chapter 9 A Ghost in a Snowstorm (January-February 1998) Chapter 10 W Pleasure, W Fun (May-June 1998) Chapter 11 Ten More Unsolved Problems in Computer Graphics (September-October 1998) Chapter 12 The Cross Ratio (November-December 1998) Chapter 13 Inferring Transforms (May-June1999) Chapter 14 How Many Different Rational Parametric Cubic Curves Are There? Part I, Inflection Points (July-August 1999) Chapter 15 How Many Different Rational Parametric Cubic Curves Are There? Part II, The "Same" Game (November-December 1999) Chapter 16 How Many Different Rational Parametric Cubic Curves Are There? Part III, The Catalog (March-April 2000) Chapter 17 A Bright, Shiny Future (January 2000) Chapter 18 Optimizing C++ Vector Expressions (July-August 2000) Chapter 19 Polynomial Discriminants Part I, Matrix Magic (November-December 2000) Chapter 20 Polynomial Discriminants Part II, Tensor Diagrams (January-February 2001) Chapter 21 Tensor Contraction in C++ (March-April 2001)


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