Jarvis's Physical Examination and Health Assessment Student Lab Manual

1st Edition

ANZ adaptation


  • Andrea Miller
  • Mel Dudson
  • Kathleen Blair
  • Nicole Norman
    • Electronic ISBN 9780729579742

    Table of Contents

    Unit 1 Approaches and contexts of health assessment in nursing
    Chapter 1 The Context of Health Assessment
    Chapter 2 Critical Thinking in Health Assessment
    Chapter 3 Developmental Tasks and Health Promotion across the life cycle
    Chapter 4 Cultural competence: Cultural Care
    Chapter 5 Risk and Safety Management: Screening for domestic violence and abuse

    Unit 2 Health assessment tools and techniques
    Chapter 6 The health assessment interview
    Chapter 7 The complete health history
    Chapter 8 Physical assessment techniques
    Chapter 9 General survey, measurement and vital signs
    Chapter 10 Pain assessment: the fifth vital sign

    Unit 3 Assessing activity: Cardiovascular function
    Chapter 11 Peripheral vascular system and lymphatic system
    Chapter 12 Heart and neck vessels

    Unit 4 Assessing activity: Respiratory function
    Chapter 13 Nose, mouth and throat
    Chapter 14 Thorax and lungs

    Unit 5 Assessing activity: Musculoskeletal function
    Chapter 15 Musculoskeletal system

    Unit 6 Assessing nutrition and metabolism
    Chapter 16 Nutritional assessment
    Chapter 17 Skin, hair and nails

    Unit 7 Assessing kidney, bladder and bowel function
    Chapter 18 Urinary tract function
    Chapter 19 Abdomen
    Chapter 20 Bowel function

    Unit 8 Assessing mental status, neurological and sensory function
    Chapter 21 Mental status examination
    Chapter 22 Neurological system
    Chapter 23 Eyes
    Chapter 24 Ears

    Unit 9 Assessing sexuality and reproductive function
    Chapter 25 Female sexual and reproductive function
    Chapter 26 Male genitalia
    Chapter 27 Breasts and regio


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