Ion Transport in Plants

Ion Transport in Plants

Proceedings of an International Meeting, Liverpool, July 1972

1st Edition - January 1, 1973

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  • Editor: W. P. Anderson
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483215990

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Ion Transport in Plants covers knowledge about ion transport in plants. The book discusses ultrastructural localization; formalism and membrane models; and membrane resistance and H+ fluxes. The text also describes Η+ fluxes in cells and organelles; Na+-Κ+ transport and ionic relations of the halophytes; and Cl- transport in vesicles. The ion transport in roots and the symplasm is also considered. Botanists, biochemists and biologists will find the book invaluable.

Table of Contents

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    Section I: Ultrastructural Localization

    I.1 Investigation of Ion Transport in Plants by Electron Probe Analysis: Principles and Perspectives

    I.2 Enzyme Localization and Ion Transport

    I.3 Ultrastructural Localization of Ions


    Section II: Formalism and Membrane Models

    II.1 Electrokinetic Formulation of Ionic Absorption by Plant Samples

    II.2 Solute-Water Interactions in the Teorell Oscillator Membrane Model

    II.3 The Flux-Ratio for Potassium in Chara corallina


    Section III: Membrane Resistance and Fluxes

    III.1 Combined Effect of Potassium and Bicarbonate Ions on the Membrane Potential and Electric Conductance of Nitella flexilis

    III.2 Electrogenesis in Photosynthetic Tissues

    III.3 The Pump in Red Beet


    III.4 The Effect of Light and Darkness in Relation to External pH on Calculated Η fluxes in Nitella

    III.5 Energy Control of Ion Fluxes in Nitella as measured by Changes in Potential, Resistance and Current-Voltage Characteristics of the Plasmalemma

    III.6 The Membrane Potential of Vallisneria Leaf Cells: Evidence for Light-Dependent Proton Permeability Changes


    Section IV: H+ Fluxes in Cells and Organelles

    IV.1 Millisecond Delayed Light as an Indicator of the Electrical and Permeability Properties of the Thylakoid Membranes

    IV.2 Proton and Chloride Uptake in Relation to the Development of Photosynthetic Capacity in Greening Etiolated Barley Leaves

    IV.3 The Role of H+ and OH- Fluxes in the Ionic Relations of Characean Cells


    IV.4 Proton Movements Coupled to the Transport of β-Galactosides into Escherichia coli

    IV.5 Effects of Tris-Buffer on Ion Uptake and Cellular Ultrastructure

    IV.6 The Regulation of Intracellular pH as a fundamental Biological Process


    Section V: Na+ — K+ Transport and Halophytes

    V.1 Κ+-Stimulated Na+ Efflux and Selective Transport in Barley Roots

    V.2 The Ionic Relations of Seedlings of the Halophyte, Triglochin maritima, L.

    V.3 Cations and Filamentous Fungi: Invasion of the Sea and Hyphal Functioning

    V.4 Study of the Efflux and the Influx of Potassium in Cell Suspensions of Acer pseudoplatanus and Leaf Fragments of Hedera cancariensis


    V.5 Biochemical and Cytochemical Studies of Suaeda maritima

    V.6 Adenosine Triphosphatases Stimulated by (Sodium + Potassium): Biochemistry and Possible Significance for Salt Resistance

    V.7 Enzymatic Approaches to Chloride Transport in the Limonium Salt Gland

    V.8 Electric Potentials in the Salt Gland of Aegiceras


    Section VI: Cl- Transport and Vesicles

    VI.1 The Role of Protein Synthesis in Ion Transport

    VI.2 The Possible Role of Vesicles and ATPases in Ion Uptake

    VI.3 Chloride Transport in Vesicles. Implications of Colchicine Effects on Cl Influx in Chara, and Cl Exchange Kinetics in Maize Root Tips


    VI.4 Vacuolar Ion Transport in Nitella

    VI.5 Intercellular Movement of Chloride in Chara—a Test of Models for Chloride Influx


    Section VII: Ion Transport in Roots and the Symplasm

    VII.1 Regulation of Inorganic Ion Transport in Plants

    VII.2 The Origin of the Trans-Root Potential and the Transfer of Ions to the Xylem of Sunflower Roots

    VII.3 Some Evidence that Radial Transport in Corn Roots is into Living Vessels


    VII.4 The Radial Transport of Ions in Maize Roots

    VII.5 Potassium and Chloride Accumulation and Transport by Excised Maize Roots of Different Salt Status

    VII.6 Heterogeneity of Ion Uptake Mechanisms Along Primary Roots of Com Seedlings

    VII.7 Multiphasic Ion Uptake in Roots

    VII.8 Symplasmic Translocation of α-Aminoisobutyric Acid in Vallisneria Leaves and the Action of Kinetin and Colchicine


    Section VIII: Ion and Water Movement

    VIII.1 A Comparison of the Uptake and Translocation of Some Organic Molecules and Ions in Higher Plants

    VIII.2 Solute and Water Transport in the Bladders of Urticularia

    VIII.3 Hormonal Control of Ion Movements in the Plant Root?

    VIII.4 Ferric-EDTA Absorption by Maize Roots


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  • No. of pages: 650
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1973
  • Published: January 1, 1973
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483215990

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