This volume completes the International Cartographic Association's trilogy which has been prepared to provide an "Inventory of World Topographic Mapping", and contains specific details relating to the current coverage of states located in Eastern Europe, Asia, Pacific and Antarctica. The geographical positions of countries described are illustrated by means of a series of accompanying reference maps. The information supplied for each country consists of a text, including a brief history of the development of topographic mapping, geodetic data, map scales and series as well as extracts of maps and index sheets illustrating the present status of map coverage within that country. There is currently no other work employing the approach adopted in assembling this "inventory". This work is a comprehensive and important reference and source book for information in the field of topographic mapping.


For cartographers, geologists and those involved in planning.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. Eastern Europe. Albania. Belarus. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bulgaria. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Croatia. Cyprus. Czech and Slovak Federal Republic. Estonia. Federal Republic of Germany (former German Democratic Republic). Greece. Hugary. Latvia. Lithuania. MaKedonia (see Yugoslavia). Moldova (see CIS). Poland. Romania. Slovenia. Ukraine. Yugoslavia. Asia. Afghanistan. Armenia (see CIS). Azerbaijan (see CIS). Bahrain. Bangladesh. Bhutan. British Indian Ocean Territory. Brunei Darussalam. Cambodia. China. Christmas Island (Australia). Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia). Georgia (see CIS). Hong Kong (UK). India. Indonesia. Iran. Iraq. Israel. Japan. Jordan. Kazakhstan (see CIS). Korea, Democratic Republic of. Korea, Republic of. Kuwait. Kyrgyzstan (see CIS). Laos. Lebanon. Macau (Portugal). Malaysia. Maldives. Mongolia. Myanmar. Nepal. Oman. Pakistan. Philippines. Qatar. Saudi Arabia. Singapore. Sri Lanka. Syria. Taiwan. Tajikistan (see CIS). Thailand. Turkey. Turkmenistan (see CIS). United Arab Emirates. Uzbekistan (see CIS). Vietnam. Yemen. Oceania. American Samoa. Cook Islands (New Zealand). Fiji. French Polynesia. Guam (USA). Kermadec Islands (New Zealand). Kiribati. Marshall Islands. Micronesia, Palau. Nauru. New Caledonia (France). Niue (New Zealand). Norfolk Islands (Australia). Northern Marianas (USA). Pitcairn (UK). Samoa. Solomon Islands. Tokelau (New Zealand). Tonga. Tuvalu. Vanuatu. Wake, Midway, Johnston (USA). Wallis and Futuna (France). Antarctica. General. Argentina. Australia. Belgium. Chile. China. France. Germany. Japan. New Zealand. Norway. Poland. South Africa. United Kingdom. USA. USSR.


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