Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences - 5th Edition - ISBN: 9780702050169

Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences

5th Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780702050169
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

Table of Contents


Section 1: Methodological Foundations of Health Research

Chapter 1: Foundations of health research

Chapter 2: quantitative and qualitative methods

Chapter 3: The research process

Section 2: Research Planning

Chapter 4: The formulation of research questions

Chapter 5: Sampling methods and external validity

Chapter 6: Ethics

Section 3: Research Designs

Chapter 7: Experimental designs and randomised controlled trials

Chapter 8: Surveys and quasi-experimental designs

Chapter 9: Single case (n=1) designs

Chapter 10: Qualitative research

Section 4: Data collection

Chapter 11: Questionnaires

Chapter 12: Interviewing techniques

Chapter 13: Observation

Chapter 14: Measurement

Section 5: Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 15: Organization and presentation of data

Chapter 16: Measures of central tendency and variability

Chapter 17: Standard scores and normal distributions

Chapter 18: Correlation

Section 6: Data Analysis and Inference

Chapter 19: Probability and confidence intervals

Chapter 20: Hypothesis testing: selection and use of statistical tests

Chapter 21: Effect size and the Interpretation of evidence

Chapter 22: Qualitative data analysis

Section 7: Evaluation and dissemination of research results

Chapter 23: Critical evaluation of published research

Chapter 24: Synthesis: systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Glossary of research terms

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