This specialized volume of Advances in Cancer research is dedicated to the complex and largely unexplored field of intratumor diversity, with respect to differences in both genotype and phenotype among cell populations within tumors.

Key Features

  1. Unique subject matter: there are relatively few previous publications covering this complex topic, even though it has been a matter of much speculation ever since cancers were first studied under the microscope more than a century ago. This volume is an attempt to update the reader on novel findings as well as giving a historical perspective to the field. It thereby offers en excellent starting point for young scientists entering this field of research.
  2. Contributors: many of the contributors are renowned cancer researchers with long-term experience. To bring in new ideas to the field, these experienced authors have been blended with young bright minds who might provide novel starting points for solving old problems.
  3. Technical aspects: some chapters will be focused on specific techniques to address intratumor diversity and will therefore be helpful for colleagues wanting to broaden their technical expertise.


Researchers and students in the basic and clinical sciences of cancer biology and oncology, plus related areas in genetics, immunology, pharmacology, cell biology, and molecular biology.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. David Gisselsson

  3. Role of telomere dysfunction in genetic intratumour diversity
  4. Genescà A, Pampalona J, Frías C, Domínguez D, Tusell L

  5. How mitotic errors contribute to karyotypic diversity in cancer
  6. Joshua M Nicholson and Daniela Cimini

  7. Nuclear Remodelling as a Mechanism for Genomic Instability in Cancer
  8. Macoura Gadji,Rhea Vallente, Ludger Klewes, Christiaan Righolt, Landon Wark, Narisorn Kongruttanachok, Hans Knecht, and Sabine Maia

  9. Cytogenetic Analysis of Tumor Clonality
  10. Manuel R. Teixeira, Sverre Heimc

  11. Genotyping techniques to address diversity in tumors
  12. David Lindgren, Mattias Höglund, and Johan Vallon-Christersson

  13. Prostate Cancer as a Model System for Genetic Diversity in Tumours
  14. Jeremy A Squire, Paul C Park, Maisa Yoshimoto, Jennifer Alami, Julia L Williams, Andrew Evans, Anthony M Joshuac

  15. Evolutionary mechanisms and diversity in cancer
  16. Henry H.Q. Heng, Joshua B. Stevens, Steve W. Bremer, Guo Liu, Batoul Y. Abdallah, Christine J. Ye

  17. Cancer stem cells in tumor heterogeneity
  18. Alexander Pietras

  19. Cancer: Beyond Speciation

Mark D. Vincent


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