Interpretation of Metallographic Structures, Third Edition, is concerned with metallography as a metallurgical tool. It is an organized presentation of specimen microstructures, each chosen for its clarity of illustration and each or in groups forming the pretext for discussions of the interrelation between physical metallurgy and metallography. The focus is on structures characteristic in a physical metallurgy sense, with the purpose of demonstrating that logical framework of interpretation can supplant mental storage of infinite variations. The book contains seven chapters and begins with a discussion of polycrystalline structures. This is followed by separate chapters on the metallography of fracture; crystallization processes including dendritic crystallization, peritectic crystallization, and metastable crystallization; solid state transformations; diffusion and transport processes; procedures for measuring metallographic features; and energy dispersive spectography. This book is directed toward the senior student as a preview of the scope of his subject and to the practicing metallurgist as a reintroduction.

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Preface to Third Edition Preface to Second Edition Preface to First Edition Introduction Chapter I Polycrystalline Structures Equiaxed, Single Phase, Polycrystalline Grain Structure Subgrain Boundaries Metallography of Cold Working Recrystallization and Grain Growth Metallography of Hot Working Inclusions Chapter II Metallography of Fracture Crack Nucleation Stress-Corrosion and Other Environmentally Induced Cracking Fatigue Cracking Toughness Indications Creep Rupture Chapter III Crystallization Dendritic Crystallization Eutectic Crystallization Peritectic Crystallization Liquid Immiscibility Metastable Crystallization Coring in Cast Structures Incipient Melting Columnar Cast Grain Structure Grain Size in Cast Structures Porosity in the Cast Structure Crystallization from Nonmetallic Media Chapter IV Solid State Transformations Precipitation from Solid Solution The Eutectoid Transformation The Peritectoid Transformation Martensitic Transformation Chapter V Diffusion and Transport Processes Sintering Intermetallic Diffusion Liquid Metal Penetration Gas-Metal Reactions Corrosion Chapter VI Quantitative Metallography Kinds of Measurements Measurement of Grain Size Other Geometric Properties of Grains Measurement of Particle Sizes Size and Distribution of Spherical Particles Size and Distribution of Thin, Circular Plate-shaped Particles Size and Distribution of Long, Thin Rod-shaped Particles Size and Distribution of Ellipsoidal Particles Mean Free Path between Particles Particle Size Distribution Functions Measurement of Dihedral Angles Accuracy in Quantitative Analysis References Chapter VII Energy Dispersive Spectrography (EDS) Introduction For


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