Internet QoS

1st Edition

Architectures and Mechanisms for Quality of Service

Authors: Zheng Wang
Hardcover ISBN: 9781558606081
eBook ISBN: 9780080495484
Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann
Published Date: 5th March 2001
Page Count: 240
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Table of Contents

PREFACE 1 THE BIG PICTURE 1.1 RESOURCE ALLOCATION 1.1.1 Integrated Services 1.1.2 Differentiated Services 1.2 PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION 1.2.1 Multiprotocol Label Switching 1.2.2 Traffic Engineering 1.3 SUMMARY FURTHER READING 2 INTEGRATED SERVICES 2.1 INTRODUCTION 2.2 REAL-TIME APPLICATIONS 2.2.1 Playback Applications 2.2.2 Tolerant and Intolerant Playback Applications 2.2.3 Lessons fromMBONE 2.3 INTEGRATED SERVICES ARCHITECTURE 2.3.1 Basic Approach 2.3.2 Key Components 2.4 SERVICE MODELS 2.4.1 Flow Specification 2.4.2 Guaranteed Service 2.4.3 Controlled Load Service 2.5 RESOURCE RESERVATION SETUP (RSVP) 2.5.1 Basic Features 2.5.2 Operation Overview 2.5.3 RSVP Messages 2.5.4 Reservation Styles 2.5.5 Adspec, OPWA, and Slack Term 2.6 FLOW IDENTIFICATION 2.6.1 Basic Requirements 2.6.2 Design Choices 2.6.3 Hashing-Based Schemes 2.6.4 Performance Evaluation 2.7 PACKET SCHEDULING 2.7.1 Basic Requirements 2.7.2 Design Choices


Guaranteeing performance and prioritizing data across the Internet may seem nearly impossible because of an increasing number of variables that can affect and undermine service. But if you're involved in developing and implementing streaming video or voice, or other time-sensitive Internet applications, you understand exactly what's at stake in establishing Quality of Service (QoS) and recognize the benefits it will bring to your company.

What you need is a reliable guide to the latest QoS techniques that addresses the Internet's special challenges. Internet QoS is it-the first book to dig deep into the issues that affect your ability to provide performance and prioritization guarantees to your customers and users! This book gives a comprehensive view of key technologies and discusses various analytical techniques to help you get the most out of network resources as you strive to make, and adhere to, meaningful QoS guarantees.

Key Features

  • Includes valuable insights from a Bell Labs engineer with 14 years of experience in data networking and Internet protocol design.
  • Details the enhancements to current Internet architectures and discusses new mechanisms and network management capabilities that QoS will require.
  • Focuses on the four main areas of Internet QoS: integrated services, differentiated services, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), and traffic engineering.


network engineers, designers, and managers, equipment vendors, service providers and ISPs


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@qu:"What I really like about this book is that it cuts through the vast amount of noise about QoS in the Internet, and pulls out the core ideas (integrated and differentiated services, MPLS, and traffic engineering) in plain and simple technical prose. Internet QoS presents a balanced view of the various technologies and relates them to their practical use. It's up to date, but unlikely to go out of date quickly either, so should prove useful to engineers and students alike." @source:—Jon Crowcroft, University College London

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