International Tourism

1st Edition

Cultures and Behavior

Authors: Yvette Reisinger, PhD
Paperback ISBN: 9780750678971
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 30th March 2009
Page Count: 416


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In recent years there has been a considerable interest in the cultural aspects of tourism such as the impacts of culture on tourism planning, development, management, and marketing. However, the focus has been on material forms of culture such as arts, music, or crafts. The impacts of national culture on tourist behavior and travel decision-making have not been paid much attention. Only in the last two years have cross-cultural issues begun to generate significant interest among academics.

An examination of cultural characteristics and differences is extremely important to the tourism industry because today’s tourism environment is becoming increasingly international. Advances in technology, and improved communication and transportation have enhanced peoples’ mobility and travel such that exposure to culturally different societies, cultures exchanges and interactions is now commonplace. It is imperative for industry representatives, who operate in the international business environment and deal with foreign tourists on a daily basis, to understand the influence of national cultures of their customers.

Unfortunately, information on the nature of the cultural differences between international tourists and locals is not readily available in tourism literature. The concept of culture is very complex. The analysis of cultural differences in a multidisciplinary tourism context and/or application of the literature on cultural differences in the abstract concepts such as satisfaction, attitude or loyalty (that have different meanings in different cultures) to the tourism context create problems. Although the effects of national characteristics on consumer behavior in general have been investigated in several research studies, more information is required concerning the cultural differences in the tourism context.

This book will bring these concepts to the undergraduate student in tourism, as

Key Features

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of cross-cultural issues and behavior in tourism
  • Textbook design features learning objectives, discussion points and review questions to facilitate student use
  • Illustrates how international cultural differences influence travel decision-making


Undergraduate students in tourism. Grad. students and tourism practitioners who deal with cross-cultural issues and communication

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Part One International Tourism: The Global Environment
1 Globalization, tourism and culture Introduction 1.1 The concept and roots of globalization 1.2 Benefits and criticism of globalization 1.3 Globalization and the tourism industry 1.3.1 The influence of globalization on tourism 1.3.2 Forms and examples of globalization in tourism 1.3.3 A new type of tourist 1.3.4 A new type of tourism 1.4 Globalization and culture 1.4.1 The emergence of globalized consumer culture? 1.4.2 Global consumer and global products? 1.4.3 Disappearance of local cultures? 1.4.4 Cultural homogenization? 1.4.5 Product standardization or customization? 1.4.6 Cultural heterogenization? 1.4.7 Cultural convergence or divergence? 1.4.8 Cultural hybridization? 1.4.9 Cultural commoditization? 1.4.10 Cultural deterioration, loss, adaptation or change? 1.4.11 Consumerism a bad thing for tourism? 1.4.12 Globalization and disappearance of local identity? 1.4.13 Resistance to cultural change and emergence of local identity 1.4.14 Glocalisation 1.4.15 Local internationalization and regional cooperation 1.5 Benefits and limitations of globalization in tourism 1.6 Challenges of globalization in tourism 1.7 The future of globalization: Americanization of culture, cosmopolitan culture, cultural hybridization, cultural disappearance or cult


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